Saturday, July 16, 2011

faire une affaire (french for BARGAIN!)

Um, so the weather is ah-mazing at the moment think 21, sunny and simply divine! Its seriously the best weather- chilly enough for tights but sunny enough for sunglasses. We've been hitting the pavement and soaking in some winter rays oh and doing some shopping. A pass-time I enjoy quite a lot! Whilst shopping for some things for Tallulahs rooms I may have found these AWESOME shoes! Seriously do they not look like these french shoe Bensimons? Well, they are the poor mans cousin and they cost me a whopping $4.85! They have been on my feet ever since and they are oh-so comfy. Tallulah has also been sporting some shoes and it seems her collection is growing. Baby shoes are completely impractical but really darn cute.

Note; I just read that Bensimon are releasing a kids collection. I die.

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Anonymous said...

what a sweet little line up of shoes!