Monday, July 18, 2011


Our weekend was pretty darn great! It was one of those weekends which makes me love this city I live in! Saturday morning we got up late cooked up some chicken and avocado croissants and then decided it would be nice to walk into the city and check out the Pigeonhole sale!

We wandered in and bumped into an old friend which is always nice. We got to Pigeonhole (the one in Bon Marche arcade) and ordered some coffees from Cabin Fever and perused through the racks. I found an AH-mazing knitted sculptural scarf for a ridiculous cheap price and Ross picked out some super cute retro shorts which he didn't try on and ended up being too small (boys! haha) I also purchased some SUPER cute things for Tallulah; 4 DUNS dresses for summer (I am super obsessed with this label and have perhaps purchased some more online thanks to Desert Darling's recommendation of the online store Love it Love it Love it) some cute little girl clips for Christmas (hopefully she will have some hair?) and some for our little nieces and this cute owl pin which I'll probably also put in Tallulahs Christmas stocking! I'm pretty excited for Christmas but lets not go there haha! We also bumped into 2 of our other friends- I love it when this happens!

Then we went to 140william to have lunch at Iku Sushi. I had read about their cheeseburger sushi and was perhaps a little intrigued. This place is super cute and reminds me a little of Japan, slightly kitsch with kawaii touches like napkins which have ties printed on them! Tallulah enjoyed some rice and we gave our burger sushi the thumbs up!

Then we strolled back home via Bivouac Canteen which I have been dying to go to since it opened a couple of weeks ago and got a coffee and spied on the food and made a mental note that we must return immediately and dine on their delicious food. The rest of Saturday we lazed around, teethed, ate Thai and watched Harry Potter.

Sunday was also topnotch in the weather department so we decided to bike ride to Maylands and grab some coffee and breakfast. It was DEE-lightful! We couldn't get into our favourite cafe for breakfast so we wandered down 8th Ave and found another cafe to dine at. Then of course we bumped into one of our best friends and had an impromptu cake date at Mrs S. Seriously this is one thing I LOVE about Perth is that you are bound to bump into someone you know! Aw warm fuzzies!


Anonymous said...

Rad! It's so nice to hear positive things about Perth living, instead of everyone beating up on it for a change!
I have to check out Pigeonhole next time I'm down, as I keep hearing good things about it.
Hurray for impromtu cake!

fifi said...

I'm going to need a treasure map from you when i arrive!!!