Friday, September 28, 2012

scheduled whirlwind

This was my fourth year working with Perth Fashion Festival and boy was it a different experience for me this year. Not only was the Festival bigger than ever but I also had never work this job before with a kiddo. More than anyone I knew how much commitment you need to work this job. I was going to be working long hours sometimes 7 days a week leading up to the Festival. Sometimes there is not a chance to grab lunch let alone pick up the phone and call loved ones just to check in. However this year I was so much calmer, more settled. I think having a kiddo has taught me not to sweat the small stuff, though I can't say that it wasn't hard, stressful or tears weren't shed.

I'm sure every parent thinks this when you return to work but OMG there is so much organising and scheduling to be had so you can make it to the office by 8am....There were a few times when I found myself packing Tallulah's bag at midnight and sure enough the next day we got an SMS to say I had forgotten to put in shoes, or pants or something essential! Haha I got better at it, promise! I must say having a committed amazing partner like Ross made this whole process so much easier. He is truly the most supportive and amazing partner in crime a girl could have. He went the extra mile when all the balls I was trying to juggle started to fall. Can't wait to marry that guy, he's a keeper and he's cute to boot!

Ross & I are also ridiculously lucky to have the most loveliest families in all the land. They looked after Tallulah this year, which not only saved us a whole bunch of money but meant Tallulah had the best  time with her grandparents and aunty and cousins and we knew she was safe! They are swell and I can't even put into words how much it meant to us. One day I hope we repay the favour somehow!

Going back to work has cemented the fact that I love my job and my career is actually a massive part of who I am. I mean its hard work, there is pressure and I had to be away from my family with some days not even seeing their faces but I wouldn't change it for the world. Will I work with the Festival forever? Probably not, but at this moment in time I can say it still excites me to wake up and go to work and work a meaningful job which feeds my desire to be creative and thats important right?

p.s: Next post I'll share some of the events I project managed this year!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

remember me?

Oh hai! guess what? I'm back.....! Whilst I'm still working a couple of days at the Festival the crazy, insane, fabulous hours of hard work are over for another year which means I have a little more time to myself and for Renosslah! Yippee! I have so much to blog about- my events, work, the wedding, Lula! I'm a little excited things have calmed keep a look out for some posts here and there from me ! Ahhh its nice to be back :)