Friday, April 29, 2011

twenty four / two dozen

24 wow! Nuts! Time is flying by...! We have a little 'Royal Wedding Fever' in our household today! We made a delicious feast fit for a king (haha or a princess!) We made a roast pork, apple sauce & garlic and rosemary potatoes and a peach and chocolate trifle! Aww really its not often a 'commoner' becomes a princess! In celebration we made paper crowns which Tallulah thought were very tasty! haha

This week has been a fun one as we had an extra long weekend and its been a short week! We had brunch with a good friend who is back home from London which was delightful and yesterday we had lunch with one of my old work friends.

In other exciting news my cousin who lives in Tokyo with his Japanese wife who were amazing whilst we were living in Japan had their baby; a little girl! I can not wait for our little girls to meet! Hooray!

I have noticed this week that Tallulah is becoming really interactive she loves to reach out and stick her little fingers in my mouth and for me to pretend chomp on them she cracks up giggling. She also likes to bounce on EVERYONE! She will push off on her feet and expect you to push her into the air. I think she has been spending too much time in the jolly is by far her favourite toy! Awww she is such a gem!

Have a great weekend! Hope you enjoy the Royal Wedding!

Silly Rabbit

How was everyones easter? Ours was so great but oh-so very busy! It was filled to the brim of picnics, breakfasts, family and friends! Easter Sunday was spent picnic-ing in Kings Park which was so lovely! Tallulah looked extra cute in her knitted bunny hat which I didn't actually purchase for easter but it seemed fitting. She loved rolling around the picnic blanket looking at the trees and running her fingers through the grass. Such a great long long weekend we were sad when papa Ross had to go back to work! However its a short working week and Friday has come by fast which is nice!

Hope the Easter was a good one for you too!

Friday, April 22, 2011

twenty three/ thee & me

23 weeks, oh my oh my! Its been another delightful week in mama and bebe land. Even with the lack of sleep, continuous groaning and the pterodactyl shrieks I am in LOVE with this little lady. She cracks me up all the time! All she has to do is beam a smile and my heart melts! Probably why I couldn't pick just one picture today, she is so darn cute in her bunny ears, which I also made for my 2 nieces!

Tallulah was developed some new noises this week, a different type of groan which is in-between excited and bored and a hooting noise she like to make when we go out in the baby carrier (this tends to get us some strange looks! haha) She also can scooch onto her knees in a type of yoga position and enjoys sleeping this way which slightly freaks me out!

We also watched some Yo Gabba Gabba this week which she LOVED, her little face was full of happiness!

Happy Easter! We are LOVING our 5 days with papa Ross, family and friends!

P.S; not sure why the need for cap words today...HAHA

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We have our first cold/flu this week. Its not major we are just a little snuffly and tired! As much as I can not wait to farewell this insanely hot summer we have had and welcome in the cold, wet snuggly weather, I forget that with this season brings the germs. Sniff Sniff!

But how cute is this; whenever I sneeze or cough Tallulah thinks its the funniest thing ever! She cracks a massive smile! Awww best medicine ever!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sugar, Sugar You are my Candy Girl!

Tallulah is still not really down with the food, which is a shame because I love making her pureed goodness. As I mentioned in a previous post I am obsessed with my blender/steamer my mum gave me! I know she will soon love chomping on my golden goodness food so I am not worried.

Ross and I have decided we want to steer clear of any processed foods for Tallulah as she grows up for as long as possible. I really want her to have healthy eating habits and not have to battle with weight issues like I do. I know my weight issues stem from having PCOS and I actually eat really well but I think it would make life a lot more sunny if my little girl didn't have to fight this battle and I think if she wasn't exposed to processed foods its a good foundation. I am really passionate about this and I am trying to educate everyone in Tallulah's life that this is the way I'd like to raise her. Its deeming to be a little tricky but I am sure my message will eventually get through!

However, I am not going to be a nazi about it, I mean everything is okay in moderation so things like birthday parties, Christmas and other special occasions I know there is going to sweet treats for Lula to chomp but thats okay by me as its part of being a kid and having fun.

A friend was telling me about a baby mama she knows who has raised her babies the way I'd like to see Lula grow. Her babies get excited about grapes and yoghurt and think its a super treat if they get a strawberry! So cute. So right! I am also going to buy a soda stream this week, one of my friends has one and its superb and so much fun! And, seriously I can't wait to pack her little Miffy lunchbox full of fun and healthy treats!

Have you got any grand plans about feeding your babies?

Counting Sheep

We had a very relaxing weekend which is so nice and energising! One of my bestest girlfriends Penny who lives in Melbourne was back in Perth so we hung out had brekky with a group friends at our favourite cafe Cantina on Friday morning. Then on Saturday she popped over and went to the pub for a sneaky beer and Tallulah had a snooze on her papa.

Penny also spoiled Tallulah and gave her this Threadless tee which I had been eyeing off and almost bought last week! So cute cannot wait for her to wear it!

twenty two / two little ducks

Are these not the cutest pink leopard pants ever?! We had a way better sleeping week in week 22! The sleeping suit I bought is a DREAM and she loves it and she is back to waking up only twice for a feed- thankyou! Though on Saturday night she missed the 1am feed and it was bliss!

We had a really lovely week last week! We had another mother's group picnic in Hyde Park it was delightful! I also went on a 'baby date' with a girl I met whilst we were getting some sushi from our local Japanese spot! How funny- it was kind of like dating! So cute...she was chatting to Ross and I about our babies and then gave me her number and I thought why not?! We went for coffee at Five Bar which was super nice and now Tallulah and I have a lovely new baby friend! Yip yip yay for babies!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Twenty One / Key to the Door

Tallulah always woke up during the night for about 2 feeds but last week she was waking every 1.5 hours. I wasn't taking that very well...I turned into a mama zombie. So I decided to get serious with this sleep thing as last week I bought some gripe water as Lula was waking herself up with wind and instead of feeding her every time she woke I rocked her back to sleep and if she woke up within 30 minutes I would then feed her. She was a pretty small bub and I was worried she wasn't putting on enough weight so I think I just fed her whenever she cried and she was using it as a soother during the night. 

So far this week it has worked quite well she is going down most nights around 7:30pm and waking at 11pm (when I usually go to bed I feed her then!) then 3am then 5am for a feed! I'd love to cut out the 3am one that would be bliss! So I am working on it this week. I also bought a Love Me Baby Swaddle suit today which I am excited to test out tonight. One of the ladies in my Mums & Bubs group swear by it. We will see!

Yay for sleep. Its probably the one thing I miss the most from my pre-baby days. I really loved bed and sleeping in but lately I just hate going to bed as I know its going to be broken sleep. I know it will get better! 

Week 21 was been pretty cruisey, we've had some lunch dates, done a spot of shopping and had a delightful picnic in Hyde Park. This morning we had a delish breakfast with Ross- yay for long weekends!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Twenty / One Score did that happen? I'm not sure, but I must say we are getting into a super fun age! Tallulah is so very happy, she giggles, coos and shrieks all day! She is close to sitting I think maybe another 2 weeks. She rolls EVERYWHERE onto anything or anyone including other babies haha! She also is starting to love being cuddled and hugged which is so nice as she has never been into snuggling and I just love it.

Its been a pretty major week as we have been eating solids once a day...I use the word 'eating' very loosely! haha

I cannot believe in 1 1/2 weeks I will have a 5 month year old! Really, this baby-thing is just neat.