Friday, April 8, 2011

Twenty One / Key to the Door

Tallulah always woke up during the night for about 2 feeds but last week she was waking every 1.5 hours. I wasn't taking that very well...I turned into a mama zombie. So I decided to get serious with this sleep thing as last week I bought some gripe water as Lula was waking herself up with wind and instead of feeding her every time she woke I rocked her back to sleep and if she woke up within 30 minutes I would then feed her. She was a pretty small bub and I was worried she wasn't putting on enough weight so I think I just fed her whenever she cried and she was using it as a soother during the night. 

So far this week it has worked quite well she is going down most nights around 7:30pm and waking at 11pm (when I usually go to bed I feed her then!) then 3am then 5am for a feed! I'd love to cut out the 3am one that would be bliss! So I am working on it this week. I also bought a Love Me Baby Swaddle suit today which I am excited to test out tonight. One of the ladies in my Mums & Bubs group swear by it. We will see!

Yay for sleep. Its probably the one thing I miss the most from my pre-baby days. I really loved bed and sleeping in but lately I just hate going to bed as I know its going to be broken sleep. I know it will get better! 

Week 21 was been pretty cruisey, we've had some lunch dates, done a spot of shopping and had a delightful picnic in Hyde Park. This morning we had a delish breakfast with Ross- yay for long weekends!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the suit. Have you tried calling Ngala? They have helped so many mums at my mothers group and their babies are sleeping more at night? I've also heard Caroline's Angels (sleep experts) are good too.

Renee said...

Hey! Yep my plan is if I can't get control of the sleeping by the end of this month I'd seek help from Ngala! I'll suss out Carolines Angels- I've never heard of them! Thanks x

Anonymous said...

I have just ordered one of these suits too- have heard good things about them!

Renee said...

The suit works a treat! We tried it out last night and she only woke twice! Hurrah!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that the suit worked! I might share this at my Mother's group too!