Monday, April 18, 2011

Sugar, Sugar You are my Candy Girl!

Tallulah is still not really down with the food, which is a shame because I love making her pureed goodness. As I mentioned in a previous post I am obsessed with my blender/steamer my mum gave me! I know she will soon love chomping on my golden goodness food so I am not worried.

Ross and I have decided we want to steer clear of any processed foods for Tallulah as she grows up for as long as possible. I really want her to have healthy eating habits and not have to battle with weight issues like I do. I know my weight issues stem from having PCOS and I actually eat really well but I think it would make life a lot more sunny if my little girl didn't have to fight this battle and I think if she wasn't exposed to processed foods its a good foundation. I am really passionate about this and I am trying to educate everyone in Tallulah's life that this is the way I'd like to raise her. Its deeming to be a little tricky but I am sure my message will eventually get through!

However, I am not going to be a nazi about it, I mean everything is okay in moderation so things like birthday parties, Christmas and other special occasions I know there is going to sweet treats for Lula to chomp but thats okay by me as its part of being a kid and having fun.

A friend was telling me about a baby mama she knows who has raised her babies the way I'd like to see Lula grow. Her babies get excited about grapes and yoghurt and think its a super treat if they get a strawberry! So cute. So right! I am also going to buy a soda stream this week, one of my friends has one and its superb and so much fun! And, seriously I can't wait to pack her little Miffy lunchbox full of fun and healthy treats!

Have you got any grand plans about feeding your babies?


Linda said...

I totally agree! We did the same thing with Izzie and are trying to continue it with Charlotte.

We've earnt many a rolled eye when we've said we don't give the girls something like polony, milkshakes, white bread etc etc. They never eat lollies, we tend to remove icing from cakes, etc etc. It's made all the difference, they LOVE grapes, plums, and most fruits, they eat cheese, crackers and fruit for lunch nearly every day (actually Izzie eats it for dinner too!) and she's only eaten chocolate maybe 3-4 times ever (when she does, she SAVOURS IT!!)

I grew up with the notion of Hungry Jacks, KFC etc etc being a 'treat' (that we ate A LOT). I don't want the girls to think of those foods as treats, but foods that you eat RARELY because they're not good for you, but that fruit, frozen yoghurt adn muesli bars are treats! So far it's working!

Stick with it you guys! It's worth it!!

Renee said...

Thanks Linda!

This is so great to hear that you have the same ideologies as us! Food is fun but it can also be healthy which is so important! yay!


Anonymous said...

Going to McDonalds is my worst nightmare, so I doubt I'll want to take the kids there for a 'treat'.

It's really great to hear that you are passionate about educating Tallulah to grow up with healthy eating habits.

I actually get more excited about eating fruit than chocolate which is probably because of how my parents presented it like dessert to us kids.

Renee said...

sassandspice- fruit as dessert is totally the way to go! How good a delish fruit salad and yoghurt! nom nom nom!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great way to go and will be doing my best with better eating for this baby and definitely less processed foods. My goddaughter has food allergies so I will be introducing things like wheat and dairy early on to build an immunity but not chocolate and junk (hopefully). I'm also trying to go tv free for the better part of the first two years after reading about how it affects brain development. But think that will be easier said than done, especially with the weird reactions I've had from family when bringing the concept up.

La Franglaise said...

what a sweet photo of you and tallulah. it's my first time here and i've enjoyed reading through your blog. i cannot believe you had a surprise baby! that is crazy. i still have much more reading to do to catch up on the full story but just thought I'd say a belated bravo to you for bringing a bubba into the world without having been able to mentally prepare for it. i admire you.
on a another note (back to food), i agree to avoid processed foods as much as possible. i have always made my son's food but on rare occasions (back home exhausted from work, travelling, etc.), I do give my son baby jars, but in that case I only buy organic because i've noticed they don't add salt, oil, and all other uncessary ingredients. How is the feeding going so far?