Friday, April 22, 2011

twenty three/ thee & me

23 weeks, oh my oh my! Its been another delightful week in mama and bebe land. Even with the lack of sleep, continuous groaning and the pterodactyl shrieks I am in LOVE with this little lady. She cracks me up all the time! All she has to do is beam a smile and my heart melts! Probably why I couldn't pick just one picture today, she is so darn cute in her bunny ears, which I also made for my 2 nieces!

Tallulah was developed some new noises this week, a different type of groan which is in-between excited and bored and a hooting noise she like to make when we go out in the baby carrier (this tends to get us some strange looks! haha) She also can scooch onto her knees in a type of yoga position and enjoys sleeping this way which slightly freaks me out!

We also watched some Yo Gabba Gabba this week which she LOVED, her little face was full of happiness!

Happy Easter! We are LOVING our 5 days with papa Ross, family and friends!

P.S; not sure why the need for cap words today...HAHA


Anonymous said...

Those bunny ears are amazing. Tallulah is an adorable Easter bunny.

Anonymous said...

She is such a cute bunny rabbit. I love those new noises...they are very funny aren't they?