Friday, February 25, 2011

Young and Keen Fifteen

So Baby T was born on a Friday so I've decided to post a picture each Friday to mark another amazing week spent with my little ladylove! This week she is 15 weeks! Where did that go?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Babies who Lunch

Fez Cafe in Mount Lawley

Hoopla in South Perth

Our lifestyle hasn't really changed since having Tallulah which is super nice. I think that is what a lot of our friends are worried about, that having kids changes everything. Okay, so maybe it changes some things but seriously if you make the effort you can pretty much do everything you did before and in my opinion it is a whole lot more fun!

One of the things we LOVED doing pre-baby was going out for breakfast (we also write a breakfast blog which you can check out here: Poached). There really isn't anything better than reading the paper, sipping a good coffee and consuming delicious food! I must say I wasn't sure how we'd go taking her out and about but she seriously loves it. Ross and I have also become very skilled at eating with one-hand. It so nice going out in a little family unit it warms my heart!

Friday, February 18, 2011

These are a few of my favourite things...

When we lived in Japan Tallulah didn't really have any baby things. I mean she had clothes and a few toys but not really anything that would entertain her. When we came back to Perth I decided she didn't really need anything except for a pram. Well, that changed. The more I spoke to people and researched the whole baby thing I realised things like bouncers, playmats, swings, jolly jumpers made life easier and fun! I haven't gone crazy with the baby objects as we live in a small apartment ( I am being quite strict...Tallulah only just one tub of toys and if it overflows she has to give up something! Ooooh mean!) and I am going to join a Toy Library when she gets a little older too which I think is a brilliant idea!

These are my top 'baby things' which have made my life a dream!

1. Snugli Baby Harness (please excuse my 'glistening' face it is darn hot in Perth at the moment!)

When we were in Japan we used Bubba Moe which was great because it was cold and Tallulah could lie down and just sleep whilst we were out. We found it was a little hot for Australia and wanted something a little more structured and open. I looked at Baby Bjorn carriers which are amazing but couldn't justify the price as we were moving into a new house and buying a whole swag of new things so I found this Snugli carrier which was a fraction of the price and simply perfect! I love it and pretty much use it everyday. Tallulah LOVES it as she can see the whats going on! I actually prefer it to pram but I'm sure that will change as she grows!

2. Baby Sleeper - First Years (brand?)

In Japan we co-slept as we didn't have a cot or bassinet. I loved it. Having Tallulah right there was really comforting but we decided when we got back to Perth she would sleep in her cot. She seemed really lost and super tiny in her cot so when Target was having their baby sale I saw this baby sleeper which was half price and thought that would be handy. Um...YEP one of the best things I have bought. She loves it as she feels secure and we can transport it anywhere. She now insists on being put in her sleeper when she is tired and refuses to fall asleep in our arms...! We have it on our couch during the day and then put it into her cot at night. I'm not sure what we are going to do when she grows out of it which I think will be quite soon as she already measure 59cms and has to sleep like a frog to fit! haha cute.

3. Baby Bouncer

This was a present from Ross' sister and at first I think Tallulah was a little small for it but now she is completely obsessed with it and plays in it almost everyday. It makes her giggle and laugh and she is so darn cute! I love it because its an open weave and as long as she can still see me she is happy to bounce away in it which gives me some free hands to do something like read a magazine or the dishes haha that sounds very domesticated doesn't it? 

4. Mountain Buggy Swift

Shopping for a pram was really stressful...I actually hated it. It was like shopping for a car. One lady at one shop asked what we were looking for in our pram. We didn't know how to answer so went home and researched the hell out of prams and narrowed it down to the Mountain Buggy and the iCandy. We decided on the Mountain Buggy Swift as its small (in pram land!) and we liked the 3-wheel thing. When we bought it the sales lady warned us that this pram could not be transformed to seat 2 babies...hmmm lady pretty sure there won't be another baby for a long time haha! I got a super cute pram liner for it as I thought the canvas was a little hard and Baby T loves it! Honestly we don't use the pram that much as I thought we would but I know we eventually will!

5. Change Table

We only got our change table last week. We had been changing Tallulah on our bed on a change mat and it was starting to kill our backs and she is only small! So we bought this amazingly great set of drawers which has a change table which flips out second-hand because new they are like a bazillion dollars! I made a super cute gingham change mat and a cute art inspired mobile! I love it and my back loves it big time! And we have a place to put all of Tallulah's things so handy!

So there is my list of my favourite 'that makes my life easier' things! There are a few others but these ones top my list! 

Tick tock!

Cannot believe my baby is 3 months old! This tee is so predicts her future- Mafia Accountant!

So I've realised having a little bub is such time suckage (in a good way!) I seriously have no idea where my days go...we get up at 8:30am and the next moment its 4:30pm wowsers! I must say I'm totally smitten with this Mum thing though tee hee! So Ross went back to work this week and on Sunday night I got a little scared as Tallulah has been completely spoilt by having both Ross and I home to herself for 3 months, we seriously could not have planned it better hahahaha! I was also a little daunted to how I would cope without Ross but I am pleased as punch to say I absolutely love spending my days with Tallulah! We craft, go for walks to get coffee, watch TMZ (my new obsession haha anyone know how can I get job working for Harvey Levin?) and play, giggle and play some more!

We have joined a Mother's group which is really really great! Its quite a large group of ladies about 15 or so (apparently there has been a baby boom?) and we meet at the park in Mount Lawley which is a 2 minute walk from the house. I look forward to Tuesdays now! I've met some super nice ladies whom I think will become dear friends. I can't say how great it is to have an afternoon spent with a group of new mums and gossip uncensored about babies and being a new mum. Its quite grand!

The last two weeks I have been trying to get Tallulah to take a bottle as I am planning (hoping!) to go back to work part time in about 2 weeks. It has been H-E-L-L! Tallulah has been exclusively breastfed for 3 months (except for the 5 days in hospital when she was born when she had bottles!) and she is refusing all bottles. There have been tears from both Tallulah and me.....but one of the lovely ladies in mothers group said she had the same problem and someone recommended she try a sippy cup. I was dubious but what would you know Baby T actually took it and didn't give me the 'WTF is this foreign object being shoved in my mouth' look she gives me if I try the other 12 different types of bottles I have bought....! It does take about an hour for her to drink 60ml but I am not complaining at least my Mum will be able to feed her when I do go back to work. Fingers crossed she keeps loving it!

Ahhhh the things I worry about now makes me chuckle haha!