Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I was super excited to find an email in my inbox yesterday morning saying that the lovely people at Apartment Therapy were going to feature Tallulah's first birthday on their Family blog which I LOVE! I literally jumped with glee as I love reading their inspiring blog! Thanks Apartment Therapy! You can check it out here! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

shut eye

we read an article about making the cot fun during the day...haha it was fun but didn't work!

oh woe is me! we are not getting any shut eye of late and its turning me into a zombie-mama. I am just oh-so tired! What is going on? I ask Tallulah this everyday but she just giggles! Before Christmas we were doing so well and we even had some sleep throughs which got me very excited but alas she has regressed and even worse she now refuses to sleep in her cot....what is this all about? 

She insists on sleeping in our bed which SUCKS as she is a wriggler and these steamy summer nights are horrid as she likes to cuddle in. We have taken the next step and decided to move her into a toddler bed. We only assembled it last night and she slept 1/2 the night in there so maybe this is going to work for us....we will just wait and see! Please cross your fingers for us...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

the opposite

Happy New Year! Oh yeah we had the best end to 2011 and worst start to 2012....

The good part was spent down in Donnelly River with Ross' family at their holiday shack. It was super idyllic, we ate cheese and sipped pimms on the balcony whilst the kiddies played with the friendly kangaroos, emus and parrots. We got coffee from the general store, swam in the dam, played on the playground and pushed Tallulah around in her new trike. It was delightful and so relaxing!

Then on our return Ross and I spent the first two days of the new year in bed with gastritis...ew. And then we had to go to emergency (first time ever!) because Tallulah was jumping on my Mums bed and landed strange on her foot (on the bed not the floor...) and screamed so loud and then refused to walk! So off we went to PMH where they suspected it was broken and sent us home for 48 hours to monitor it. Tallulah was so cuddly and sat on the couch with me the whole of the next day and didn't crawl or walk. So not Tallulah. So we went back in for an x-ray and thankfully after 3 different people looked at the x-ray they told us it wasn't broken and she didn't need a cast. OMG so stressful and exhausting....

I am super thankful that this was our first experience at emergency. I am so thankful that our 'emergency' wasn't something involving blood, allergic reactions or something super serious. We have learnt a lot!

I am glad to report that Tallulah is back to her spirited self and walking and almost running all over the house! I'm trying to stop the bouncing and jumping on the bed/couch but she loves it! Crazy baby!

Ross and I joke that 2012 just has to get better now....geez I sure hope so! I hope everyone's new year was better than ours! haha

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a tad tardy


My loot from Ross & Tallulah!

testing out her wheely bug!

loving her xylophone

made everyone put on fake finger moustache tattoos! 

super cute gnome dress! Lentil (mums cat) gave Tallulah a nice xmas present a scratch on her cheek!

a trike!

 my reindeer pops!

my amazing lampshade (called the Billion dollar view!) from my mama!

Hi! We're still here...! Happy new year everyone! I am little late writing about our Christmas and new years but better now than never right?! This Christmas was soooo super nice and relaxing! Its funny how having a wee human makes all these holidays and occasions just more joyous and fun, am I right?

Ross and I woke up on Christmas morning around 8am and patiently waited to Tallulah to wake up! She finally did around 9:30am- whose child is this? Its not my normal 7:30am waking child! Ross and I were thankful for our 30 minute sleep in haha!

We made some delicious mango, blueberry and white choc pancakes and then opened PRESENTS! Hip hooray! Man I love everything about presents, the giving, the receiving but maybe not so-much the buying haha!

Tallulah loved all the paper and her new toys and guess what her favourite present was? These $10 foam blocks that "santa" gave her! I mean what about the awesome tiger wheelie bug your mum and dad gave you? Nope did. not. care. HA kids!

We packed up the car and headed over to my mums for a seafood BBQ lunch which was soooo good! Mum got all fancy on us and served scallops wrapped in prosciutto and Ross and I voted it the stand out dish of the day! So good my mouth is watering now....

We got spoiled again and scored big! Ross got a pasta machine (yay!), I got an amazing lamp shade which I had been coveting for a while and Tallulah got her trike which thankfully she LOVES! Phew!

After some delicious choc mint tart (seriously my mum did such a good job!) and a nap we headed over to Ross' parents for dinner! He has a large family which is such a foreign thing to me as my family is super small  (like me, my mum and my brother!) but its so nice to have grandmas, aunties, uncles, cousins & nieces! Its makes it very festive!

We got bombarded again with presents and were very happy with our loot! We dined on a traditional feast including ham, turkey, chicken, prawns and many yummy salads! I made these cute reindeer marshmallow pops which were a hit!

We crashed into bed around 10pm with fully bellies, a boot full of new shiny things and good memories! Geez I love Christmas!