Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Food Glorious Food

So...this week we tried solids! OMG its fun! I love making Tallulah's food because my Mum gave me the cutest, bestest blender/steamer called Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender! I just love it so easier and such a nice consistency! I made some pumpkin for Tallulah and I think I got like 1/2 a teaspoon of food in her mouth the rest was EVERYWHERE! She even spat some in my face haha so funny!

I also tried some baby cereal but I tasted some and it tasted like Clag Glue...not so tasty! I also tried some more pumpkin yesterday and she liked it better so fingers crossed she gobbles it all up today!

Seriously, could she be cuter?!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bag Lady

 Olga Berg bag I bought for travelling!

First ebay purchase, stated it was leather and was not....not happy and it was kinda ugly!

 Super great Witchery bag, buttery soft, roomy and very comfy!

Urban Originals bag, super fun and roomy!

When I had Tallulah in Japan we were en-route around the world for 3 months so I had packed pretty lightly and only packed one over the shoulder black faux-leather bag with the plan to buy a super great leather one during our travels. Needless to say I ended up utilising this Olga Berg black satchel bag whilst away but on my return to Perth I started my hunt for the perfect 'non-baby-yet-a-baby-bag'! haha this actually was a lot harder than I first anticipated.

I decided I definitely did not want to go down the traditional 'nappy-baby-bag' road. They are probably really practical with their water-proof insides, pockets and room but they are just not me and I find them a little 'mumsy' haha go figure?! The things I was looking for is a roomy cool looking black leather bag with several pockets where everything important (keys, phone, wallet, dummy etc) can have place of its own. I am so over rummaging for something and its getting super tricky juggling baby and bag of things!

There have been several purchases since we have been back and still I wasn't really loving any of them! My first bag was a beautiful leather Elk satchel but I got it home and realised I impulsed bought without checking things like if it had enough pockets. Massive fail. I took it bag but could only get a credit note (darn! but I bought it from a shop I love so everyone will be getting their birthday presents from there- haha!) My next purchase was a bag from ebay which was stated as 'leather' but indeed it was not. It was super plastic-y and I was not impressed. So I went back to my trusty Olga Berg bag.

After some more shopping both online and in the shops I still could not find anything I loved! I think I was getting desperate and ended up buying a bag which was on sale from this random website called Happy Cow- talk about impulse buying. I enjoyed their philosophy they used recycled leather and they were Australian. Oh dear, the bag was hideous, small and wasn't really my style at all! So I returned this one too.

I was beginning to think I should just get a 'nappy bag' or just deal with my original bag and the rummaging. But then I found 2 bags I loved (well, hopefully loved) on ebay. I won both and waited on their arrival. YES! I loved them both- geez when it rains it pours!

The first was an Urban Originals which surprisingly isn't leather but is super roomy and has two handy side pockets and the best thing- lots of super great studs. I used this for a week until my second bag arrived and loved it. I think I would love it more if it was leather though.

 My second bag is a black leather Witchery satchel. Its made surprisingly well and I LOVE the pocket under the overflap. It fits all my stuff in there and then all of Tallulah's stuff in the main compartment. I also really like that the overflap has handles so the bag can be used as a clutch aswell. I think I have found my baby bag for now....! I can hear Ross breathe in relief- I think he was over my bag hunt haha! But if there is anyone out there that is thinking of designing super great 'non-baby' bags DO IT!

Note: Hmmm looking at these pics they kinda all look the same...I promise they are not!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nineteen / Goodbye Teens

Tallulah is 19 weeks. WOW! She is growing really fast and her personality is really starting to shine! She is super stubborn and very cheeky but so darn cute! She is obsessed with sucking her toes and grabbing my hair. She also has figured out if she swings her toys onto a surface like a table they make a loud noise which pleases her a little bit too much!

We are getting her 4 month old vaccinations today...BOO! Ross & I are also getting our whooping cough needles. What a super family outing....HAHA!

Have a super weekend xx

Thursday, March 24, 2011


This post has been a long time coming, it makes my heart hurt when I think about the disaster that has struck Japan. We were only in Tokyo less than 3 months ago and those 2 months we spent there were unforgettable. Tokyo was where my little bundle of cuteness was born so it holds a very special place in my heart. I know without a doubt we will return to that amazing country, its seriously a beautiful, interesting, friendly and special place and I cannot wait to take Tallulah there and show her all the beauty Japan has to offer. My thoughts are constantly with Japan especially as my cousins are in Sendai preparing for their own little bub to arrive.

I have recently purchased a Gift Wrapping Zine from Hello Sandwich which is only $5 and all proceeds go to help Japan. Hello Sandwich was an amazing source for Ross and I when we were in Tokyo and we are very fond of this super cute publication. Ebony who runs Hello Sandwich lives in Tokyo and is one very passionate and creative lady. I encourage you do the same every little bit helps! Visit the Hello Sandwich website here

Japan we love you, lots! We will see you soon!

Goodbye Four Zeroes!

Oh my I am excited we are packing away the 0000 today! Hello, 000! Gee Whiz that only took 4 months! I am very excited as i bought the cutest onesies from Kids Threadless a couple of months ago and I can finally use them- yippee! Thats what she is wearing today- a cute tiger onesie as she is born year old the tiger!

In other news today was a super day, we slept till 10am (OMG so needed that thanks Lula!), Tallulah flipped from her back to her tummy (she has only been flipping the other way!) and we had lunch with one of my lovely girlfriends who is due in July! Yay for babies! Haha

Monday, March 21, 2011

ooo lala

I noticed on one of my favourite mama blogs Bleubird Vintage James' little girl Gemma had this super amazing very vintage looking giraffe toy. It looked familiar something I remember from my childhood so I did a little search and found out it is a super famous, much loved toy!

Sophie La Giraffe is a French squeaky toy who is turning 50 years old this year- wowee! I also read that 9 out of 10 French bebes own a Sophie! I'm not sure why but this just made me want a Sophie more, there is something romantical about being made in France! Apparently babies love Sophie because she is super soft, easy to hold and makes the cutest squeak.

I went out this morning to get one and Tallulah was making a fuss in the car on the way home so I unwrapped Sophie and gave her to Tallulah and she made cooing noise all the way home- YAY BLISS!

Oh I think I may be in love Sophie hehe!

P.S; When I was googling Sophie she also seemed rather popular in Celebrity Land! It just made her a little cuter!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Amber Teething Necklaces!

Image via Whiskers on Kittens

So I am thinking of getting one of those amber necklaces used to help the symptoms of teething for Tallulah. I have been doing some research on them and they sound great! Has anyone tried them? Do they work? I am thinking of buying one from this site:

Whiskers on Kittens

So interested to hear any feedback on these?!

dumbo I mean bumbo!

Shontelle who is a lovely lady in my Mums & Bubs group bought a Bumbo to a wine and cheese afternoon we had and I had a sneaky little try with Tallulah and was immediately sold. Shontelle bought hers off Gumtree for half the price of a new one and I thought that was a smashing idea and immediately started searching. I think all the ladies in my mothers group fell in love with the Bumbo and had the same plan because each time I contacted a seller it has just been sold then I met up with some of the ladies earlier this week and they had all purchased Bumbos from gumtree! haha so funny!

On thursday a seller contacted me and said the buyer hadn't shown so if I still wanted it it was mine- yay I was super excited (though not very excited about driving to Kelmscott....) then in the morning just as I was about to leave for the road trip she sms-ed me told me that the buyer had just come by and picked it up! Darn! It probably was a good thing because last night I spotted a purple one with a tray go up on Gumtree and quickly rang them and sorted for Ross to pick it up on the way home from work- yippee! Not only was it my preferred colour choice it had barely been used as the sellers baby hated it!

I am pleased as punch! Not only does Tallulah love it she kind of fell asleep in it this morning- HOORAY for the bumbo! Its going to come in so handy for when she starts on solids and we are taking to a picnic tomorrow too. Oh man I heart my bumbo! haha

Friday, March 18, 2011


This is how Tallulah sleeps, like a bat or a vampire who puts his cape over his face! She grabs her blanket and swings to her side and covers her face! At first I was kind of stressed as I feared she was going to suffocate but once she falls asleep I gently pull the blanket away from her face haha sneaky mama!

Eighteen Coming of Age

Little Tallulah is 1-8 weeks (haha how funny is that bingo call..coming of age!) she has learnt how to squeal like a little piglet, she likes to thump her feet and she getting really close to pulling herself up and forward when she is sitting on me! We have also left those tiny teeny newborn nappies behind and gone up a size!

PS I made that little headband! I'm in progress of setting up an Etsy store...yay!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dancing Queen Seventeen

My little pumpkinhead is 4 months! Wowee! We have to get more vaccinations this month...wah! I hate doing that....! She is growing real fast and getting so strong. She can roll from side to side and flip herself onto her back from her tummy. Its so cute and roly-poly! Its reccomended we start her on baby cereal this month- yay I'm so excited!

P.S Did you notice my post titles on Fridays are bingo calls? haha it amuses me quite a lot!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hop Skip Jump

We went to Ross' sisters house the other night for dinner and I decided to test out some of her toys as she has two babies she pretty much has everything! I had been thinking for a while Tallulah would love a jolly jumper as its her most favourite position to be in- upright and looking out at everyone! Um..yeah she LOVED it and giggled and gurgled away. So yesterday I went to Toys R Us and bought one! It was my first time going to Toys R Us and geez louise it has EVERYTHING you may need....! I was a little bit impressed I must say.

Tallulah and I are still at war with the bottle. I gave up last week but I am determined to try again so I am starting to try different things to get her used to the bottle. I have let her play with it, tried different drinking positions and I read this morning that a lady had some luck when she let her baby suckle on her pinky along with the bottle then removed her finger and the baby was none-the-wiser! I will try this out this afternoon. I was ready to accept that Tallulah was just going to be a breastfed baby but its quite limiting so we are trying super hard this week to concur the dreaded bottle. Wish me luck...!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yum Cha Dim Sum Sunday

 Enjoying some shoulder fun times with her Uncle Martyn!

We went for a delightful yum cha outing for my brother's birthday today then capped off a super meal with a delicious coffee at Polly's in the Cultural Centre. Good times with lovely people!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Picnic you!

Saturdays are my favourite! We had breakfast at Sherbet (yum!) and then an impromptu picnic in the park! We are now baking a lemon tart to take to Ross' sisters where we will be dining on a delicious dinner! I love hanging with my little family they are so cute!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

My baby is sweet sixteen (weeks!)

Some crafting posts are in the works watch this space yippee!