Monday, March 21, 2011

ooo lala

I noticed on one of my favourite mama blogs Bleubird Vintage James' little girl Gemma had this super amazing very vintage looking giraffe toy. It looked familiar something I remember from my childhood so I did a little search and found out it is a super famous, much loved toy!

Sophie La Giraffe is a French squeaky toy who is turning 50 years old this year- wowee! I also read that 9 out of 10 French bebes own a Sophie! I'm not sure why but this just made me want a Sophie more, there is something romantical about being made in France! Apparently babies love Sophie because she is super soft, easy to hold and makes the cutest squeak.

I went out this morning to get one and Tallulah was making a fuss in the car on the way home so I unwrapped Sophie and gave her to Tallulah and she made cooing noise all the way home- YAY BLISS!

Oh I think I may be in love Sophie hehe!

P.S; When I was googling Sophie she also seemed rather popular in Celebrity Land! It just made her a little cuter!

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