Thursday, March 24, 2011

Goodbye Four Zeroes!

Oh my I am excited we are packing away the 0000 today! Hello, 000! Gee Whiz that only took 4 months! I am very excited as i bought the cutest onesies from Kids Threadless a couple of months ago and I can finally use them- yippee! Thats what she is wearing today- a cute tiger onesie as she is born year old the tiger!

In other news today was a super day, we slept till 10am (OMG so needed that thanks Lula!), Tallulah flipped from her back to her tummy (she has only been flipping the other way!) and we had lunch with one of my lovely girlfriends who is due in July! Yay for babies! Haha

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Anonymous said...

oh great minds think alike.. glad to hear the onesies are good quality! I ordered quite a few.

Oh gee.. my bub is already starting to pop out of her 0000 and she is only 2 months old!! I think she must be a bit of a thumper!

Tallulah looks absolutely beautiful.. what a great model she makes :)