Wednesday, December 21, 2011

rockin around the christmas tree

festive heart garland I made! 

 our finger-painting wrapping paper tied with doilies & ribbon!

 cute santa sack I made Tallulah!

Our Christmas tree!

Its beginning to feel alot like Christmas in our house! And the best part? Ross only has one more day of work then we're on holidays! Seriously, I am so excited for Christmas this year! Tallulah knows how to unwrap presents and her face lights up when she sees whats inside, its beyond cute!

This last week we have been busy being festive by making christmas heart garlands, finger-painting christmas paper, christmas shopping, buying christmas outfits, having playdates with our playgroup, making santa sacks (super cute right?!) wrapping presents, listening to the she&him christmas album...oooh its been fun!

How cute is our wooden tree? I spray painted it and all! What does your tree look like?

p.s I am trying to teach Tallulah to not open the presents till Sunday...hard task! haha

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

santa baby

omg this happened today.....!

She totally freaked and really can you blame her? Santa looks like the biggest creep! I went especially to this shopping centre as one of my friends got the BEST santa photos there with the most legit santa...I'm guessing it must his day off! Haha! Oh well, atleast this one makes me giggle! Naw I hope she learns to like Santa one day!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

quack quack

Tallulah went to her first birthday party a couple of weekends ago. It was Hunter's birthday who is one of her little buddies in our mother's group. It was dress up. It was hilarious! Tallulah went as a duck and I made her outfit and of course she didn't like it one bit HAHA! She was one grumpy little duck and refused to wear her duck hat which was super cute by the way! But she still looked adorable! I ended up getting her to wear the full costume and took some sneaky snaps whilst distracting her! I am totally obsessed with kids parties and am looking forward to the up coming ones!

P.S Oh she LOVED this mouse wheely bug and she MAY be getting one (a tiger!) for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

we're going to the zoo zoo zoo

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take Tallulah to the Zoo! She has developed an obsession with animals and if she sees a dog on the street or an animal on the TV she points and makes this cute gurgling sound! haha so sweet. So we thought we'd take her to the Zoo to get up and close to the animals!

She loved the elephant, lions and the zebra! Oh and all the birds that were not part of the Zoo but hung out at the cafe trying to get some left over food. It was one of those beautiful days and we had so much fun even if Tallulah won't remember it Ross and I will! We ate macaroons & icey-poles on the grass and Tallulah loved crawling on the grass and loved loved the sand pit at one of the playgrounds. Then she fell asleep so Ross and I decided to check out the nocturnal house which is our favourite! Naw it was a great day and I am planning on getting an annual Zoo pass next year for Christmas which mean unlimited visits! hurrah!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

a walk to remember

walking also means climbing!

omg she walks....! Yep its happening! 2 weeks ago Tallulah could take a 2-3 steps between furniture or Ross and I. Then came 5-6 steps and now she can walk all around the house! She is still a little wobbly and falls on her bum all the time but its SO darn cute! She is still a keen crawler which is funny as I thought once she got the hang of walking she would be running all over the place but not yet. She is still working out how to walk from carpet to floorboards but oh my she looks totally like a little toddler! Squeal!

p.s need to take a walking video stat!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


first birthday kisses!

Oh hi! I am a little tardy on my one year old milestones...oops! I think I was a little tired from planning Tallulah's party and needed some time out from computers/crafting/shopping and needed some R&R but then we all got sick so it ended up being longer than I anticipated. So then I started to question whether perhaps Renosslah had come to an happy end (the blog not us! haha) as the first year of a kiddos life is so special, new and well needed to be documented and with the approaching festive season which also includes an anniversary, our birthdays plus some important family & friends birthdays its going to be hectic and new year will arrive in no time. Which then means hello working mama which equals less time for everything! Phew thinking about makes me dizzy!

But when I thought about not blogging it made me sad so I took that as a sign that Renosslah was in fact not over YAY! For me this blog not only is an awesome place to document all the things Tallulah is doing but its also a place I can write what I'm feeling or is bothering me which has become a great creative outlet for me so with out further ado I'll get on with the 1-year old update!

Well, what a crazy last 12 months! You are still a little pocket rocket and never still. You are busy busy busy all the time and like to explore and climb like a little adventurer. Since weaning you 2 weeks before your first birthday you have transformed into a food machine which makes me oh-so happy! You love to snack all day and your favourite foods are banana, sushi, cheese and vegemite on toast!

On the walking front you hadn't really shown any interest in walking as you are one speedy crawler though this week (which I know is past her first birthday!) you are taking up to 4-5 wobbly little steps between furniture and your mum and dad! Its real cute!

Your new party tricks include tickling our toes and making this funny ziiiiiiii ziiiii ziiii sound we pretend it tickles and laugh and you think you are so clever! You are so obsessed with reorganising everything by pulling everything out then putting it back (though not always in the same place...make sure you check your shoes as you may find blocks, little animals or food in them haha!

Seriously though I am in love with this age! Its my favourite so far! Tallulah Mei you are one super fun little human!