Wednesday, December 21, 2011

rockin around the christmas tree

festive heart garland I made! 

 our finger-painting wrapping paper tied with doilies & ribbon!

 cute santa sack I made Tallulah!

Our Christmas tree!

Its beginning to feel alot like Christmas in our house! And the best part? Ross only has one more day of work then we're on holidays! Seriously, I am so excited for Christmas this year! Tallulah knows how to unwrap presents and her face lights up when she sees whats inside, its beyond cute!

This last week we have been busy being festive by making christmas heart garlands, finger-painting christmas paper, christmas shopping, buying christmas outfits, having playdates with our playgroup, making santa sacks (super cute right?!) wrapping presents, listening to the she&him christmas album...oooh its been fun!

How cute is our wooden tree? I spray painted it and all! What does your tree look like?

p.s I am trying to teach Tallulah to not open the presents till Sunday...hard task! haha

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Renee, Ross and Tallulah! You did a brilliant job with all the handmade decorations.

I'm laughing at all the Santa pics - I think they would be used to crying babies/toddlers. My mum took Lily and I only think she didn't cry because I've been showing her countless pictures of Santa...she did have a very 'concerned' look though!