Wednesday, December 14, 2011

we're going to the zoo zoo zoo

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take Tallulah to the Zoo! She has developed an obsession with animals and if she sees a dog on the street or an animal on the TV she points and makes this cute gurgling sound! haha so sweet. So we thought we'd take her to the Zoo to get up and close to the animals!

She loved the elephant, lions and the zebra! Oh and all the birds that were not part of the Zoo but hung out at the cafe trying to get some left over food. It was one of those beautiful days and we had so much fun even if Tallulah won't remember it Ross and I will! We ate macaroons & icey-poles on the grass and Tallulah loved crawling on the grass and loved loved the sand pit at one of the playgrounds. Then she fell asleep so Ross and I decided to check out the nocturnal house which is our favourite! Naw it was a great day and I am planning on getting an annual Zoo pass next year for Christmas which mean unlimited visits! hurrah!

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Anonymous said...

Lily is obsessed with animals too. The zoo sounded like fun...I really need to take Lily soon!