Tuesday, August 30, 2011

no kids allowed

Source: google.com via Renee on Pinterest

Some recent events has made me wonder, when did kids become so unwelcomed in our culture? I believe even more now I have a kiddo of my own that kids should be embraced in every aspect of our society where possible. We have been invited to 3 weddings which we have been told that Tallulah was not welcomed. It kind of saddens me. I guess Ross and I are not married so we have never planned a wedding but if we were to I would have always included my friends and family's kids. Sure they may squawk, whinge or maybe cry during the nuptials or have a meltdown on the dancefloor but they surely have a place at weddings? Isn't part of being married becoming a family?

We were asked by the family who is holding one of the weddings what we were going to do with Tallulah. I told them straight out that because she is breastfed and refuses to take a bottle leaving her with my mum from 2pm-11pm is probably not going to work but we are going to have a practise run and if it doesn't work we won't be coming. I'm most worried about this wedding as its 45 minutes away from where we live. They were quick to say as a last resort we could bring Tallulah along. That made me feel more uncomfortable. I think Tallulah will be okay with my mum as she adores her but until we do our practise run I won't know for sure. It also makes me very grateful that we have family who can look after Tallulah, really if it weren't for them going to any of these weddings would not even be an option.

For those who are married did you have this rule at your wedding? Is the reason for stipulating no kids because kids are noisy?  

cloud nine

on a picnic just before the dreaded tonsillitis!

So the little monkey turned 9 months a little while ago so I'm a little late but I wanted to document it before we move into the double digits! Eeeek where did the time go?

Its hard to believe you've been in the real world the same amount of time as you were inside! You are one cheeky, happy, stubborn, active, hypo, clever and rather entertaining little thing. Each day I keep noticing more and more of your little personality shining through. Here are new some things you have learnt;

-clap your hands (this is your mama's favourite!)
-wave goodbye (though only when you feel like it)
-flaps your hands about and rock your body (I think this is you dancing?)
-can climb up onto the couch (oh, yay...)
-your new game is to hide under the doona, cushions, blankets and pretend you are hiding then 'scare' us (hilarious!)

You still only have 2 teeth and nil interest in walking. You kind of love crawling and that is a-ok with your mama! Your separation anxiety is gradually getting better but omg don't go into the bathroom because you will lose it something crazy! 9 months also marked your first real sickness which totally blows because your mama thought we had escaped Winter without getting sick. You're all better now but you made your mama sick which I guess was bound to happen but at least its just a cold. 

Oh, Tallulah you are pretty great and I am so happy that my cheeky monkey made a pretty speedy recovery as your little smile warms my heart!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I haven't been around for a while. It's been busy, fun and not-so-fun in our house over the last couple of weeks and I've been all M.I.A on the blogosphere! Over the last week Tallulah has been sickity-sick. The first serious one which is pretty good since she is 9 months! I took her the doctors and she has TONSILLITIS! Poor Tallulah....I feel so bad as I have to give her medicine 3 times a day which she hates but it makes my heart hurt more when she coughs then cries because she is in pain. It's the worst. But today she was much better and slowly getting back to her cheeky little self. Hopefully next week I'll be back in action! Have a great weekend! xx

Friday, August 5, 2011

piglets in mud

So the sun was SHINING yesterday and boy have we missed it. We are actually hanging out for Spring which for us means picnics, picnics, picnics! We heart Spring because it means its not too hot and not too cold but lots of outdoor fun! Tallulah and I decided to ignore the damp grass and had an impromptu picnic in the park. Tallulah hasn't really played on lawn since she could crawl. OMG she is officially obsessed! Whilst I ate my agedashi tofu and soaked in the sun rays Tallulah crawled around shrieking at dogs, people and anyone who would listen. Then she found a muddy area and we decided to call it quits and go home. Man, she did not want to go home at all she had a mini meltdown. This sunny season is going to be a bundle of fun with this little lady! Mr Sun please shine some more and make everything dry so Tallulah can play on the grass and her mama doesn't have to keep changing her muddy pants...!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

tallulahs new friend

little indi awww

About 3 weeks ago my friend Gemma who I have known since I was 6 gave birth to a little girl Indiana Faye! Tallulah and I were VERY excited and clapped with glee when we heard Gemma had a girl and immediately envisioned endless girly tea parties forevermore (watch out Gemma and Indi!) We went and visited the pretty ladies earlier this week and golly gosh Indi is just the sweetest newborn. Seeing her also made me realise how grown up and independent my little baby is now. Wow, they grow really fast and get so big in 8 months! Indi was light as a feather at 3.5kg so it actually blew me away that Tallulah was born 2.4kg; looking back she must have the tiniest, lightest little dot. While a had a little cuddle with Indi who made little baby noises, yawned and slept Tallulah was exploring the house, terrorising the cats and eating strawberries. I can't wait for when the girls are big enough to play together its going to be the cutest thing in the whole world. Yay for babies

Monday, August 1, 2011

these boots were made for walking

Ahem, are these not the cutest little knitted booties ever?! We received these tiny beauties the other week and they were made with love by a little old lady crafter who lives in Denmark! I am quite partial to a pom pom! I kind of wish they came in my size. Hope everyone had a super weekend, um how is it August already? Frightening!