Tuesday, August 30, 2011

cloud nine

on a picnic just before the dreaded tonsillitis!

So the little monkey turned 9 months a little while ago so I'm a little late but I wanted to document it before we move into the double digits! Eeeek where did the time go?

Its hard to believe you've been in the real world the same amount of time as you were inside! You are one cheeky, happy, stubborn, active, hypo, clever and rather entertaining little thing. Each day I keep noticing more and more of your little personality shining through. Here are new some things you have learnt;

-clap your hands (this is your mama's favourite!)
-wave goodbye (though only when you feel like it)
-flaps your hands about and rock your body (I think this is you dancing?)
-can climb up onto the couch (oh, yay...)
-your new game is to hide under the doona, cushions, blankets and pretend you are hiding then 'scare' us (hilarious!)

You still only have 2 teeth and nil interest in walking. You kind of love crawling and that is a-ok with your mama! Your separation anxiety is gradually getting better but omg don't go into the bathroom because you will lose it something crazy! 9 months also marked your first real sickness which totally blows because your mama thought we had escaped Winter without getting sick. You're all better now but you made your mama sick which I guess was bound to happen but at least its just a cold. 

Oh, Tallulah you are pretty great and I am so happy that my cheeky monkey made a pretty speedy recovery as your little smile warms my heart!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick, glad to hear that you're getting better. My son didn't walk until 12 months, it's much better than early walking like my daughter!
Love Tallulah's outfit by the way, absolutely adorable just like her!