Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'd like to introduce Queenie the newest member of our family! She will occupy the corner of our new astro-turfed balcony! Isn't she pretty? Oh, yes I did name my pink flamingo after the Queen as I got her in the mail yesterday and the Queen arrived in Perth yesterday and she wore flamingo pink so I thought it was fitting! Have a SUPER great long weekend!

P.S For those who asked I got her off eBay! I'm considering getting Queenie a friend...!

Friday, October 21, 2011

legs eleven

oh baby girl in less than 4 weeks you will be ONE YEAR OLD!

It blows my mind that my tiny little baby is now on her way to toddlerland! I can't believe this is the last time I will be counting in months then when people ask how old you are I will be answering in YEARS! wow.

I quite enjoy this age you are bundles of giggles and fun. I often find you playing somewhere just laughing at nothing. Its quite hilarious! You are definitely becoming more sure of yourself and your little personality is shining through. I have come to realise I am in for tantrums....

You can now stand up from the sitting position in the middle of the room without anything/anyone holding on to you. But walking is still a while off as you just love crawling!

You still are not a big eater which frustrates me oh-so much! You still prefer to be breastfed however in a couple of weeks you will be weaned which I think you are going to hate but its got to be done (more on this once we complete our cold-turkey weaning!)

You are sleeping SO much better since we started doing a little bit of crying-it-out (I know shock/horror!) you only wake once which means your dad and I are feeling a lot more human! Hurrah!

Oh Tallulah Mei you are one cutie and make me pleased as punch to be your mama!

flavour of the month

Tallulah goes through phases with her toys sometimes she likes to empty her toy box and play with them all, other days she picks out a couple and plays with them all day. Currently she is loving her toy cars. The wooden one is pretty special because Ross' grandma had a friend of hers make it especially for Tallulah and he even engraved it with her name in beautiful wobbly letters! Tallulah is so cute when she plays with them she makes a brooom vrooom noise. Her other favourite thing is a bag of colourful paddle pop sticks she stole off me whilst I was making things for her birthday party. She likes to scatter them all over the house then gather little bunches and put them back in their bag. Naw melts my heart!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

the grass is greener

Over the weekend we decided to astro-turf our balcony! Oh my its all sorts of awesome! We turned it from a boring brick balcony where we didn't really hang out to a super spot to have an ice cold bevvy and lots of relaxing times! Hurrah! Tallulah LOVES it as I think the brick was a little rough on her knees. Who needs a courtyard when you have a fun patch of fake grass? Not us! Oh and I have also ordered a pink flamingo whose new home will be on the turf!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wearable fun

Today we have spent the morning with friends who live out of town which has been super great! Then we came home to hang out and I made this necklace which is kind of like a toy! haha! I found these funny child-like wooden shapes in a shop in Fremantle and turned them into a necklace. I miss making jewellery (I used to have my own jewellery label Dapple-Grey!) it was nice to make something again even though it was pretty darn basic. I am wearing now and Tallulah kind of loves it! We're off for an Italian feast tonight to Ciao Italia. Perthies have you been here? Its pretty ah-mazing and v. popular!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

sushi roll baby

Um, found this via Etsy today and I am so tempted to get it for Tallulah to wear to her first birthday party! HA! I am in the midsts of planning/DIY-ing/creating Tallulah's Japanese first birthday! Wouldn't this be the cutest thing ever, but alas I have ordered an equally cute dress....but maybe I should get this too or maybe make a version of it for cake-eating? It's seriously the most ridiculously cute thing ever!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

true oh-so true

I love Miranda July and discovered this little clip on Bluebird's blog! So super cute and yeah I kind of need to do this RIGHT now! haha

P.S; I am way excited about seeing Miranda's new film The Future

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

quite handy

As you might have noticed Ross & I like to eat out and about. Now we have a kiddo who likes to be tucked up in bed by 8pm we enjoy going out for brunch instead of dinner! Lots of the places we go don't offer highchairs and thats cool by us as Tallulah has never really been that fond of them.  Though she is soooo wriggly that we have to take turns eating which means one of us ends up eating cold eggs...yum! Anyways, one of our favourite haunts doesn't have highchairs but we noticed this super cute couple who had this clever contraption which hooked onto any chair so their baby could sit at table with them. I sent Ross over to spy on the brand and when we got home we googled it and discovered it called the Handysitt and was made by those design-savvy DutchDanes! Anyways we priced them in Aus and they were over $100 and out of our budget but then I thought to try my old friend eBay and found one which was pick up only in PERTH...omg the eBay gods were looking out for me!

So I had a bidding war and won it for $24...omg I was jumping up and down in excitement...Tallulah thought I had gone loopy. Now I just hoped Tallulah liked it haha. Well, we took it out for a test run on the weekend and its super super! She loved it and Ross and I got to eat at the same time which is a nice change! I have to say its great to BYO high chair as you can keep it clean and there are no long legs that seem to always get in the way and seriously some of the communal highchairs are super gross and grotty! Yay for the Handysitt which at the moment its my new favourite baby item!