Friday, October 21, 2011

legs eleven

oh baby girl in less than 4 weeks you will be ONE YEAR OLD!

It blows my mind that my tiny little baby is now on her way to toddlerland! I can't believe this is the last time I will be counting in months then when people ask how old you are I will be answering in YEARS! wow.

I quite enjoy this age you are bundles of giggles and fun. I often find you playing somewhere just laughing at nothing. Its quite hilarious! You are definitely becoming more sure of yourself and your little personality is shining through. I have come to realise I am in for tantrums....

You can now stand up from the sitting position in the middle of the room without anything/anyone holding on to you. But walking is still a while off as you just love crawling!

You still are not a big eater which frustrates me oh-so much! You still prefer to be breastfed however in a couple of weeks you will be weaned which I think you are going to hate but its got to be done (more on this once we complete our cold-turkey weaning!)

You are sleeping SO much better since we started doing a little bit of crying-it-out (I know shock/horror!) you only wake once which means your dad and I are feeling a lot more human! Hurrah!

Oh Tallulah Mei you are one cutie and make me pleased as punch to be your mama!


Anonymous said...

Wow nearly one! She is such a little cutie. Hope the weaning goes well for you.

Anonymous said...

She is just so gorgeous!

Good luck with the weaning!! it will be so nice for you to have your body back

Anonymous said...

Standing all on her own - clever girl! I'm glad to hear that she is sleeping well. I can't believe my girl turns one this Friday!! Eeekk where did this year go??

fifi said...

lottie just weaned herself a couple of weeks ago! it was a bit shocking! she still has booby in the morning when she wakes up to start the day but other than that she couldn't give two hoots! goodluck! and congrats on having a bit more sleep. don't it feel good? :) (oh and holy shit, aren't the building tantrums scary? i am totally scared of what is to come!!!)