Saturday, March 19, 2011

dumbo I mean bumbo!

Shontelle who is a lovely lady in my Mums & Bubs group bought a Bumbo to a wine and cheese afternoon we had and I had a sneaky little try with Tallulah and was immediately sold. Shontelle bought hers off Gumtree for half the price of a new one and I thought that was a smashing idea and immediately started searching. I think all the ladies in my mothers group fell in love with the Bumbo and had the same plan because each time I contacted a seller it has just been sold then I met up with some of the ladies earlier this week and they had all purchased Bumbos from gumtree! haha so funny!

On thursday a seller contacted me and said the buyer hadn't shown so if I still wanted it it was mine- yay I was super excited (though not very excited about driving to Kelmscott....) then in the morning just as I was about to leave for the road trip she sms-ed me told me that the buyer had just come by and picked it up! Darn! It probably was a good thing because last night I spotted a purple one with a tray go up on Gumtree and quickly rang them and sorted for Ross to pick it up on the way home from work- yippee! Not only was it my preferred colour choice it had barely been used as the sellers baby hated it!

I am pleased as punch! Not only does Tallulah love it she kind of fell asleep in it this morning- HOORAY for the bumbo! Its going to come in so handy for when she starts on solids and we are taking to a picnic tomorrow too. Oh man I heart my bumbo! haha

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