Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hop Skip Jump

We went to Ross' sisters house the other night for dinner and I decided to test out some of her toys as she has two babies she pretty much has everything! I had been thinking for a while Tallulah would love a jolly jumper as its her most favourite position to be in- upright and looking out at everyone! Um..yeah she LOVED it and giggled and gurgled away. So yesterday I went to Toys R Us and bought one! It was my first time going to Toys R Us and geez louise it has EVERYTHING you may need....! I was a little bit impressed I must say.

Tallulah and I are still at war with the bottle. I gave up last week but I am determined to try again so I am starting to try different things to get her used to the bottle. I have let her play with it, tried different drinking positions and I read this morning that a lady had some luck when she let her baby suckle on her pinky along with the bottle then removed her finger and the baby was none-the-wiser! I will try this out this afternoon. I was ready to accept that Tallulah was just going to be a breastfed baby but its quite limiting so we are trying super hard this week to concur the dreaded bottle. Wish me luck...!

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