Saturday, February 19, 2011

Babies who Lunch

Fez Cafe in Mount Lawley

Hoopla in South Perth

Our lifestyle hasn't really changed since having Tallulah which is super nice. I think that is what a lot of our friends are worried about, that having kids changes everything. Okay, so maybe it changes some things but seriously if you make the effort you can pretty much do everything you did before and in my opinion it is a whole lot more fun!

One of the things we LOVED doing pre-baby was going out for breakfast (we also write a breakfast blog which you can check out here: Poached). There really isn't anything better than reading the paper, sipping a good coffee and consuming delicious food! I must say I wasn't sure how we'd go taking her out and about but she seriously loves it. Ross and I have also become very skilled at eating with one-hand. It so nice going out in a little family unit it warms my heart!

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