Monday, April 18, 2011

twenty two / two little ducks

Are these not the cutest pink leopard pants ever?! We had a way better sleeping week in week 22! The sleeping suit I bought is a DREAM and she loves it and she is back to waking up only twice for a feed- thankyou! Though on Saturday night she missed the 1am feed and it was bliss!

We had a really lovely week last week! We had another mother's group picnic in Hyde Park it was delightful! I also went on a 'baby date' with a girl I met whilst we were getting some sushi from our local Japanese spot! How funny- it was kind of like dating! So cute...she was chatting to Ross and I about our babies and then gave me her number and I thought why not?! We went for coffee at Five Bar which was super nice and now Tallulah and I have a lovely new baby friend! Yip yip yay for babies!

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allie said...

ahhh! where do you get these shirts for her? and those pants! i'm dying over here!