Monday, April 18, 2011

Counting Sheep

We had a very relaxing weekend which is so nice and energising! One of my bestest girlfriends Penny who lives in Melbourne was back in Perth so we hung out had brekky with a group friends at our favourite cafe Cantina on Friday morning. Then on Saturday she popped over and went to the pub for a sneaky beer and Tallulah had a snooze on her papa.

Penny also spoiled Tallulah and gave her this Threadless tee which I had been eyeing off and almost bought last week! So cute cannot wait for her to wear it!


Anonymous said...

I love Canfina too!

Anonymous said...

I meant 'Cantina' (annoying iPad) ;-P

Renee said...

I know! How good is it? Hands down the best in Perth (well I think!)

Renee x