Friday, April 29, 2011

twenty four / two dozen

24 wow! Nuts! Time is flying by...! We have a little 'Royal Wedding Fever' in our household today! We made a delicious feast fit for a king (haha or a princess!) We made a roast pork, apple sauce & garlic and rosemary potatoes and a peach and chocolate trifle! Aww really its not often a 'commoner' becomes a princess! In celebration we made paper crowns which Tallulah thought were very tasty! haha

This week has been a fun one as we had an extra long weekend and its been a short week! We had brunch with a good friend who is back home from London which was delightful and yesterday we had lunch with one of my old work friends.

In other exciting news my cousin who lives in Tokyo with his Japanese wife who were amazing whilst we were living in Japan had their baby; a little girl! I can not wait for our little girls to meet! Hooray!

I have noticed this week that Tallulah is becoming really interactive she loves to reach out and stick her little fingers in my mouth and for me to pretend chomp on them she cracks up giggling. She also likes to bounce on EVERYONE! She will push off on her feet and expect you to push her into the air. I think she has been spending too much time in the jolly is by far her favourite toy! Awww she is such a gem!

Have a great weekend! Hope you enjoy the Royal Wedding!


allie said...

she is SO CUTE! i love her shirt and also? princess kate would drool over that crown. i'm pretty positive.

fifi said...

how much do you love the finger poke in the face when you are breastfeeding and the big smile? oh its awesome, makes you forget all those sleepless moments, thats for sure!

Renee said...

@Allie- haha Tallulah slept through the wedding...and ate her crown! So cute!

@fifi- I seriously love this age, she cracks up into giggles when i pretend to eat her finger sooooo funny!