Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hello, Road


Where have we been? We've been down south hoorah! Last weekend we flipped Tallulah's car seat and decided to go down to Peppermint Grove Beach to visit my Dad who lives down there! I was curious to see if Tallulah would fuss in the car for the whole 3 hour drive but flipping the seat was the best thing we've done...! She slept till Bunbury then we had some lunch and stretched our legs then for the rest of the drive she fell back to sleep! Yeeeeha- high5!

We only stayed 1 night but it was fun to hang out, drink wine and eat home-cooked food! Tallulah had fun exploring a new house and we took her down to the beach but it was freezing and really windy! It was delightful and the little lady slept the WHOLE way back to Perth! So this little test-drive was super successful. Bring on summer roadtrips!


spark said...

it sounds like you had a lovely time. Your photos are just gorgeous! I'm living for the day when we can flip the car chair. miss s so likes to be a part of it all that she doesn't like riding the car so much unless there is someone in the back seat to talk to:)

Anonymous said...

three cheers for road trips!
I LOVE going down south- its so cozy and romantic in winter!

We have just turned our carseat around too and what a difference it has made! Bay is so much happier and has gone from one of those babies that cries and grizzles in the car to one who happily looks out the window or even better- falls asleep.. its magic!

Glad you all enjoyed your gettaway!