Friday, July 1, 2011

cabin fever

lotsa tea drinking! (my fave soursop!)

always entertains me

this mama has been napping when T is napping! unheard of!

lots of looking out the window at the rain and playing with toys!

We've been all cooped up in our little house all week...wah wah! The weather has been dreary and wet which means lots of inside activities which can get a little tiresome when you live in a teeny apartment! Whenever the sun popped out to say hello I would strap Tallulah into her pram and head the park which is nextdoor!

Tallulah loves her pram and loves going out, we like to go out and about everyday but big grey angry rain clouds has meant our little outings have been either cancelled or rather short. We are getting a little stir crazy! We missed out on mums and bubs group as there were thunderstorms and we also postponed two breakfast playdates...which means this mama can't wait for the weekend and to spend some time with friends and especially Ross! 

So this is what we've been doing...reading Frankie, drinking tea, snoozing and playing with toys, oh and watching a little Yo Gabba Gabba!

Hows your week been?


Leah said...

I know what you mean about cabin fever!!! It has been raining where I live too, and i'm close to my due date. So i'm slowly going nuts with nothing to do!!!

Sammie said...

Rain the the pits.
We have had a little in Sydney too, but when it's just you, it is much easier to get out and about.
I hope the weekend clears up for you.
I have had a huge week and really looking forward to a very quiet weekend on not much.

Anonymous said...

We've had really nice weather this week, but I haven't been up to taking advantage of it. So I can aapeeciate you wanting to get outside.
Love Frankie, I've been saving reading the current edition until bub comes.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

That wild wooley weather is one thing I'm not missing about Perth!

Glad you are making the most of the sunshine when it peeks through!

fifi said...

haha - living in melbourne we have to head out regardless otherwise we'd DIE! needless to say storm cover is ESSENTIAL. there must be times though when you can't head out because of the heat? that will be certainly different when we move to perth!

Renee said...

fifi- HAHA that is true...because we have such nice weather in Perth I guess we tend to freak out when the rain gets here! YESSSSS the heat SUX! when we got back to perth it was like the 20th day in a row they had 35+ degree weather we almost died as we had come from Tokyo which was freezing and like 10 degrees! I am not looking forward to this year's heat-wave but it does make cider-drinking and BBQ's quite fun! Also I won't be breastfeeding this summer!