Saturday, June 25, 2011

ladies in waiting

enroute to the movies!

Every Wednesday the Greater Union theatre near us offers a Babe in Arms movie session. Oh boy is it good! I love love love going to the movies and thought visits would be scarce now we have a kiddo so when I heard about these I jumped for joy! I've been several times with a few of my baby mama friends and its grande! There is usually a few other mamas in the session and they turn the volume up a little so you can hear over the baby cries- hilarious! Sometimes its like a domino effect one babe starts crying then they all cry, but really they are all so well behaved! Oh, did I mention its only $8.50?

This week we went and saw SO funny! I had to put my hand over my mouth to stop cracking up so I wouldn't wake Tallulah who slept through the whole movie (hurrah!) Kristen Wiig is one funny lady. Its a good one!

Hope everyone is having a super weekend!


fifi said...

oh i've been meaning to go to one of these however the closest one to us costs $18.50!!! and lottie NEVER sleeps in her pram so i doubt i'd have such a smoothe experience as you guys. but i MUST give it a try as she always surprises us :)

Anonymous said...

OH I really want to try this out but scared because Lily is in a 'screaming' phase at the moment! I also really want to watch Bridesmaids too!