Friday, June 17, 2011

everybody needs good neighbours

So, something happened this morning which really go my was about 9:30am and I was getting Tallulah dressed for the day which tends to be a struggle as she hates having tops put over her head. She was screaming a little as she does everyday when suddenly a heard thump, thump thump on our roof and someone shout Shut Up! ummmm.....thanks that really helped my situation. The neighbours upstairs obviously didn't like the baby noise.

We live in an apartment, its a 1930's one so its build really well and sturdy. We hear the guys upstairs all the time, its not that annoying but yeah sometimes their vacuuming and walking around in heeled boots wakes Tallulah up, but hey we live in Mount Lawley and in an apartment and thats kind of just what you'd expect when you live in a suburb like this!

We sometimes hear one of our other neighbours play some type of shoot-them-up computer games which is super loud till 2am, surely this is more annoying and controllable than a baby crying?

The thumping had happened before and I thought I was just paranoid but obviously not. So I wrote them an email (yeah I actually know one of them, I'm pretty sure it was his housemate though!) and just told him it wasn't really cool and kind of immature. Ballsy, I know!

Today was the first time I doubted living inner-city in an apartment. I love love love the lifestyle we have here and I love all the lovely people I've met in our suburb. I love living walking distance to everything a girl may need but I'm considering moving when our lease is up, to maybe a house/town house with a little courtyard. I've never wanted a little patch of green as much as now I have a kiddo. Though I refuse to live in 'the burbs', this lady needs good coffee nearby! However I kind of get now why parents want a little bit of space between them and their neighbours. Kids are noisy though its uncontrollable noise but still a type of noise people without kids don't really understand.

I guess we don't all get to live on Ramsay Street do we? Ok, rant over! haha


Anonymous said...

It was 9.30 in the morning so they need to get over themselves, especially seeing they choose to stay up all night playing games.
I think they should consider themselves lucky they have you and not me, cause if that was me I would have been up at the door to put my foot up their butt. The email was probably a more sensible response, I'll admit.

Renee said...

hmmm I just got a response and it was the housemate and I am shocked how rude some people makes me upset and tense!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to send them a link to the domestic noise laws? Or a referral to a surgeon for the surgeon with a note that they might be able to help him get his head out of his arse?
In seriousness though I hope he cuts it out or moves, I'm so glad we no longer live wall to wall with neighbours it eliminates some of that rubbish. But you shouldn't have to move just because you have a baby.
It's almost a pity that there aren't family friendly apartment complexes where you could live next to people who realise babies making noise is normal.

Anonymous said...

Referral for the housemate I mean!

Sammie said...

It's a baby for *&%$'s sake!
They cry. There isn't anything you can do about it.
How terribly immature of them!
I would have done the kick up the butt thing too... Well done on the email.
I live in quite inner Sydney, in a terrace. I feel we may end up with these same issues.
Time will tell.

Renee said...

Tallulah had another restless night but there was no thumping! Hurrah! There really isn't much any of us can do but deal with it! He even said that he bough earplugs but they irritated his ears....! I think he is a lost cause but I'm actually over it and looking forward to finding an amazing house with a little backyard next year! Yay!

fifi said...

outrageous!!!!! my jaw has dropped! we have a common wall and the next door neighbours are so noisy and slam doors and walk in high heels and vac for hours on end with no understanding of their disturbance of lottie's sleep. it totally gets my goat.i have been thinking of saying something. but i know they suffer with lottie's crying. at least we are still on good terms. but yes, we can't wait to live in our own 4 walls. thats why we are thinking of perth again. and i've just resigned myself to the fact that i'm going to have to get a coffee machine. cause melb vs perth coffee is....well....y'know :)

Renee said...

Haha fifi there is a few great coffee places in perth but yeah a coffee machine is a good idea! I vouch for Cantina in mt lawley it's top-notch coffee! Yes I now call the boy upstairs Mr Jerkface! Tee hee

Anonymous said...

chiming in a bit late here- but just wanted to say I think you handled situation very well.
I think that people living in apartments need to accept they are going to hear one another every now and then! Getting cross at noise at 9.30am is pathetic.

Bay also hates getting dressed!