Monday, June 20, 2011

sunday (more like rainday!)



 awesome swing (well I think its super!)

Rad Library in Hyde Park

Yesterday we braved the grey skies and went on a stroll to Hyde Park to check out this swing that I have been dying to put Tallulah on. Boy, it is one popular swing I tell you as I have tried two different times to try it out and there is always a kiddo on it and some waiting! We got some take-away asian bakery goodies (yum!) and sat on a bench to eat them and waited till the swing was free. 1/2 an hour later we got our turn and Tallulah was like 'Meh, whatevs' haha hilarious!

It was nice to get out and about! On our way home we discovered this random 'Rad Library' set up in the park. Basically its there every Sunday and you can borrow hard-to-come by books and return them the following week! Such a super cute idea and I loved the randomness of it all! Yay for weekends!


Sammie said...

Love the Rad library idea!
The little general store/coffee shop sort of opposite us has a book swap! You take a book in and take a book out!
I am loving this idea and must go over there for a swap!

Anonymous said...

The rad library sounds fantastic, can't say I've seen anything like it around here.
You'll have tog get used to the grey skies if you decided to go to Melbourne. It's been a reallylong time since I lived there but what I do remember growing up was that it always seemed grey. It always rained on my birthday!

Renee said...

I know the Rad Library is such a great idea! Winter is actually my favourite season so I think Melbourne & I may be the perfect match...maybe!

Anonymous said...

Winter is pretty great I love rain, and an excuse to wear boots!

Anonymous said...

Oh Bay has that little dress too! And one in purple! Three cheers for Big W!!