Wednesday, June 22, 2011

liquid diet

playing with her Ikea felt food toys!

no I won't eat real food face...

We've been doing (hahaha failing) the solid food thing for almost 2 months and Tallulah doesn't want a bar of it. We've tried all different types of fruit and vegetables as well as chicken, beef and rice cereal. She has like the smallest spoonful then refuses to open her mouth for any more. She is partial to sucking on pieces of finger food but I am dead scared of choking! She is loving the boob though and still won't have a bar of the bottle, however does enjoy drinking water out of a sippy cup! Crazy kiddo!

I've done some research and talked to my health nurse and doctor and they all say don't worry. So I'm trying not too. The only thing is I want to wean her at 12 months and I am worried that she is almost 8 months and it doesn't look like she is going to give the boob up easily, then I worry if she keeps this no food thing up is she going to lose weight which she can't because she is already small. Oh yeah and I've tried formula in the sippy cup and she looks at me like I'm stupid. haha

I am trying really hard not to stress, I am sure she will eat food when she is good and ready. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: So, isn't this always the put something out there that you were worrying/stressing about and then KAPOW its all changes and you wonder why you were loosing sleep over it. Today and tonight Tallulah decided to chow down on vegetable soup, that twice and not just a teaspoon it was a small bowl. HURRAH! I think the food thing is on like Donkey Kong! Babies are hilarious!


med student mummy said...

If she's into finger food, you could try baby led weaning. No purees or anything :) finger food with no choking. There's a good book and lots of websites. Is working for my 6mth old :)

Anonymous said...

I was also going to recommend 'baby led weaning' as well. Since she isn't eating pureed food she might prefer food which is can feed herself.

Lily is eating bits of bread and feeding that to herself so maybe that might help? You shouldn't stress (I know it's hard not to!) as my mum said my sister refused to eat solids for a year and even after for another 6 months she was hating it!

If you want to wean her at 12 months you still have time for her be established on solids..and if not you probably have to try getting her on the bottle again. It's hard work isn't it!!!

Anonymous said...

She looks very healthy so at least there is no worry that she's not getting what she needs. Not sure on what to say re weaning I went with baby led weaning with my son and around 15 months he didn't want breast anymore. I'm pretty sure that he did better with hand held foods, it was like he wanted to be in control.
Good luck, theres no easy or more importantly right answer.

Renee said...

Thanks guys for all your suggestions my cousin does baby led weaning with her baby and swears by it and suggested it to me a while back and was planning on starting it this week! However this just happened.....SHE ATE & ATE!!! She has just polished off some vegetable soup! This is exciting stuff! Babies are hilarious creatures!

fifi said...

god - all in their own time eh? funny, i was about to ask you how she was going with food cause you hadn't mentioned it in ages! yes, apparently some babies just go hell for leather with finger foods. we have been fortunate - food has been one easy ride for Lottie. But hey, everyone has their demons and we have not had it easy with other things!!! so happy for you guys! yay for eating!