Wednesday, June 15, 2011

granny nan pop gram nanna gramps

So, what does your mum and dad liked to be called by your babies? Have they already chosen names or are they going to let their grandbabies make the decision? Ross' parents were already grandparents so they were already Grandma and Grandpa. My mum couldn't really make up her mind what she wanted Tallulah to call her. First is was Nan as that is what we called her mum, then it was Gram but that didn't really feel right either. Then Ross and I were reading the Sunday paper a while back and there were all these stylish Perth grandmas who weren't called Grandma by their grandkids they were called things like Lala, Lola and Alannah MacTiernan was called Dema which is Nyoongah for Grandma which we thought was so super and it got us thinking.

My mums family call her Jo however this is not her real name. Legend has it that when she was born she looked like a boy and a neghbour called her Jo and it stuck. When I was little my brother and I used to get so confused when one of her sisters would call and ask for Jo, we would reply that Jo doesn't live here! haha so funny! So it was decided Tallulah would be in on it and call my mum Jo. I love it, its so perfect!


Anonymous said...

I love that you've put a lot of thought into this. My mum is Nan, I'm not sure what the in laws want to be called. I always loved that my cousins' grandparents were Oma and Opa.

fifi said...

its hard isn't it? especially we have 3 sets of parents to get names. As a kid i had an Omama, Deda, Nonna, Nonno and Nanny and Poppy! We now have Deda, Nonna, Gran, Nan and Pop! It all gets confusing though cause all the names have moved one generation and i keep getting confused! Jo is totally simple and lovely, even Jo Jo I can imagine T saying super cutely!!!

Anonymous said...

I could have written this post! Its exactly the same for my folks.. The Inlaws got Grandma and Grandpa because they already have grandkids who call them that.
My Dad is happy to be Pop, but Mum wasn't keen on Nan and wanted to wait to see what Bay calls her.. In the meantime we have started calling her Noma which is short for Nanna NoName

Renee said...

@emmie I love Noma thats super cute!

@Raisedbywolffs I always wanted a Oma and Opa my best friend in primary school was Italian!

@fifi it totally gets confusing as Ross still has his grandparents so we have Granny Mac and Granny Wood too! Phew!