Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Tallulah and some of her buddies! (this was REALLY hard to capture as T is the squirmy one of the group!)

Do you have a mum's group? I do and I love love them and not actually sure what I would do without them! I mentioned in a previous post that I actually haven't met as many great new people than I have in the last 6 months! We even have a stay-at-home dad in our group! We meet weekly in our suburb and you can find us at pub or one of our houses or a cafe. I look forward to Tuesdays as I know I going to spend the day hanging out with lovely ladies (and man) and gossip. We all tend to get a little hypo as we drink copulas amounts of coffee and talk non-stop. Its kinda funny! Our little babes LOVE it! I think they enjoy hearing their mamas converse and actually focus on something other than them!

Its really nice to have a bunch of friends who you can bounce baby ideas/problems/experiences with and won't get too bored with you rambling on about sleeping/breastfeeding/milestones. Its also really cute to see the babes together and how different and individual each baby is. Tallulah is the oldest by 4 days but she is the most active/handful/hypo of the bunch! haha everyone just thinks she is just getting me back for ignoring her for 9 months...

The other day we were out at a local bar/cafe and this random lady came up to our group and congratulated us for all being out with our babies and she said it was so nice to see. Really? I wouldn't have thought it was that odd to see 6 ladies with babies enjoying lunch out at a bar in 2011. How boring to think that there was a generation that thought if you had a baby you had to stay at home. It also made me realise I am super lucky to have this great group of mums. I hope our little babies are friends for life!


Sammie said...

I'm lucky to have a heap of friends that all have babies and a few are starting to think about number 2!
It's great to have people I can lean on for support and I know they will be there for me 1 million % when Buggy comes along.
Some have tried mothers groups, but most didnt like them.
In our area it can be very very competitive and not so nice.
I'm planning to give it a go and see what happens.
I will judge for myself.
You are very lucky to have made such a nice group of like minded friends!

Renee said...

Sammie- You're so lucky to have friends who have kids! We're the first in our group friends to have kids. Though one of my close friends is due in 3 weeks hurrah! I have heard that some are REALLY competitive and I met a girl (who I now baby-hang with!) that told me her mums group was horrible, it seems kind of common which is sad. It makes me love my ladies even more! I think its a great idea to give your mums group a go, you never know you might be like me and find some people you just click with!

Leah said...

what a gorgeous little pic of the babies!!

you are so lucky to have such a wonderful group!

I am so sad cause I can't find any mumma's groups that are near me. Im so worried that I will be stuck at home once I have my baby..... :(

Renee said...

Leah- you should totally go scouting at your favourite places to find some mum's to hang with. I went on a babydate with a girl I met in a japanese restaurant as she had just moved over from the UK! It was kind of like dating but it was great and we hang out now!

fifi said...

you know i love my mamas group and it will be one of the hardest things to leave when we depart from melbourne.

and hilarious - lottie is also the oldest baby and also the most active/handful/hypo! she is constantly moving and all the other mums just laugh at us!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mums group has saved my life.
We moved to a remote coutry town when I was pregnant and I had no friends and no family here so it has been a life line for me.

Because it's a small town there are quite a range of ages in our Group- babies from 4 weeks up to 11 months old and in some ways its a good thing as less direct comparisons or competitveness that you might find in inner suburbs of Sydney, for example!