Wednesday, June 15, 2011

mini break

bakery treats and scratchies!

 mister peacock

my awesome letters in our scrabble game

climbing, exploring, falling

family fun

baileys on the verandah

ross & t

mister quokka

Over the weekend we took our first family mini-break (well, our first Australian mini-break!) for my Mum's birthday! We packed our bags and jumped on a ferry enroute to Rottnest! I hadn't been to Rottnest since in over 10 years- wowee! To those who aren't familiar with the island that is Rottnest, its a 25 minute ferry ride from Perth and its this super chilled island of cabins and camping with no cars, a great bakery, a crappy pub (well, we think its crap! haha) and these funny little rat-mini-kangaroo rodents called Quokkas! Its a fun place for kids, family oh and school leavers (this happens in October when its taken over by rowdy teens, please avoid its hideous!) It's usually chokkas in the summer months as its B-L-I-S-S with lots of swimming and lazying around on the beach. However, it is equally delighful in the cooler months cozied up near the fire and drinking red wine. Yay.

Well, Tallulah got a massive kick out of the ferry ride, it was super choppy so the boat was a-rocking and Tallulah was shrieking with glee- it was so darn cute! She actually was a super delight the whole weekend, she got lots of cuddles from her Jo (her grandma-I'll blog about this later!), she crawled, stood and fell over and even got a little souvenir a lovely bruise on her forehead!

We, adults also had a super great time, we played board games, drank Baileys on the verandah, took long walks and cooked delicious food. It was exactly what I needed just to chill with my favourite people in all the land. Yay.


Sammie said...

Away with the family and Baileys! PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

sounds perfect!
As someone who was born and bred in Perth I am ashamed to admit I've only been to Rotto once.
Looks like lovely winter getaway

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great break. I love going places in the winter, without so many people around, it's worth braving the colder weather.

fifi said...

rotto in the winter is my fave! did you take your bikes? I look forward to hooning around with Lottie in tow. But not up those killer hills......