Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2 turntables and a microphone

A bazillion years ago when I was young, footloose and fancy free I remember a friend of ours told us that he had a theory that once you had kids the music you were listening to at this point of time will be the music you will listen to for the rest of your life. He asked me what music do you parents listen to? And sure enough my Mum still turns up the radio when she hears Duran Duran's Hungry like the Wolf which was a hit in the year I was born....and the more I think about it her favourite music is all from the 80's so think Elton John, Paul Simon and Phil Collins. Okay, she does enjoy Michael Buble but who's mum doesn't?!

This was uncanny but kind of freaked me out a little. Music is a massive part of Ross' and my life. I can't imagine our always growing itunes library to suddenly stop and become stagnant. We are always searching for new albums and love discovering new music and introducing each other to it. When Tallulah was born I remember Ross and I were going through an obsession with The National. I'm pretty sure this was the first album Tallulah experienced with her mini ears! This album will probably be a favourite for the rest of our lives but hopefully we'll keep listening to new music and our style is ever-growing!

Well I'm pretty sure we are safe because we purchased a bunch of new music this weekend! These are a few albums which I am loving at the moment and are on high rotation; Elbow- Build a Rocket, Boys!, Seeker Lover Keeper- Self Titled, Fleet Foxes- Helplessness Blues & Belles will Ring- Crystal Theatre. I am also listening to The Grates new single Turn me On and San Cisco's single Golden Revolver and patently waiting for their albums to be released!

So, what do you think? Do you think you'll still be listening to the music you are listening to now forever?


fifi said...

our own personal 'golden oldies' will stay gold forever. thats what makes awesome music, it adapts through the ages. i can't ever imagine not listening to bjork for instance. but like you guys, music is a MASSIVE part of our lives. we are always searching and hunting for music. our record collection has grown more since lottie's birth than previously! sometimes its your only out to dance away to some beautiful music! how good is new FF album?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Hungry like the wolf makes me giggle because Mr Wolff regularly sings it when he's hungry.
I don't think the theory works for us, but does for our parents generation. But my taste in music is all over the place, i like some pretty old stuff and then Golden Revolver is currently one of my favorites. I hope I never get stuck in one era of music.

Renee said...

you are on the money I think @raisedbywolffs that it rings true with our parents generation! our friend who this theory belongs to said a number of his friends had babes in the 90's and they are still listening Pearl Jam, Live & whatnot as he thought this was because music was the most important thing in their lives but obviously when you have a babe it all changes! haha I think his theory stinks!

Renee said...

oh yeah I am loving fleet foxes bad!

spark said...

umm, not really for us. can't imagine not discovering or re-discovering new music. Love music but since about 8 months pregnant I have been enjoying silence and listening to noises of the world around me. sounds a bit naff but i think after a busy, noisy job, i'm have been really enjoying having the time to listen to the wind, the birds (told you it was a bit naff) and just the general sounds around me). Mind you, we cleared out the rocker from our tiny family room this weekend and had a bit of a dance to Prince's raspberry beret...might be time to get back into it. Looking forward to Clare Bowditch lullaby cd coming out

fifi said...

no no spark! i totally get that! also nice to listen with the perspective of your babe, thinking its the first time they are hearing so many things! and Prince is some of that music that will just keep on keepin' on for our family!!!!