Thursday, July 21, 2011


So I have been loving Channel 10's Offspring I was bit sad when the season finished up this week. I've been a fan from the beginning and distinctly remember making my Mum and Ross endure episodes last year when we moved in with Mum just before we left for overseas. They both hate it and think Nina is annoying I beg to differ.

I enjoy her neurotic behaviour, her voice in her head and her crazy family. I am pretty sure every lady has a bit of Nina in her. I know I do. It also makes me want to move to Melbourne immediately. I've enjoyed all the characters and tear-jerking story lines this season and can't wait for the next but in the mean time I will fill my Offspring gap with more of The Block...not sure why but I am also loving all these renovation shows...nesting much? haha

P.S I am totes Team Patrick!


Anonymous said...

Love, love Offspring. Mr.Wolff hates it but watches with me anyway.
I like the block but would much rather more Offspring. Can't handle the sisters on the block something about them really rubs me the wrong way.

Jess said...

I have never watched Offspring and starting to regret it now because everyone is raving about it!

I LOVE the Block but it's making me want to buy a rundown first place ha-ha I told Hubby I want to either build or renovate for our first place and he freaked!

Renee said...

yeah Ross watches it with me with nil interest! haha! I would much prefer just more Offspring too!

@Jess you should so get season 1 & 2 when you have your baby! I did this with a few TV series when Tallulah was a newborn and she wasn't distracted by the TV it was great as the episodes usually only go for 40min! Now she is WAY too interested in TV so I only watch it when she is asleep!

fifi said...

oh my god. we are meant to meet. this confirms it. i LOVE offspring and definitely the block (or 'the cock' as its immaturely referred to in our shack!). nina is annoying but i love her and i'm SO glad she chose patrick. I think they made chris purposefully unattractive witht that revolting haircut. i'm lucky though, my man also loves it and he's been known to catch up on episodes when he happens to miss them :) oooooh those steamy, misty patrick eyes! YES PLEASE :) (and i love spotting all our local melbs places!!!)

spark said...

I'm also a massive fan (although i don't like tv) although with all the post partum and breastfeeding hormones, mr k has been slightly concerned by my giggles and tears. i think i'm a bit of a nina but apparently i'm a bit more billy according to my mates. who are you like? we also analyse nina's outfits in running commentary on fb (what is with those skinny scarves?) and mr k even likes it (score! very difficult watching the 1st season of grey's when someone is heckling the entire time - had to give it up)