Thursday, July 14, 2011

a change of scenery

looking pretty pleased with her new room!

super cute decal (though a bitch to put up!)

she is the cutest!

chnage table has a new home!

crazy rug is fun and warm!

thanks for the rocker mum!

There has been a rather big change in our household and its pretty neat! I have a confession; Tallulah was still sleeping in our room at age 71/2 months. Well, that was until 2 weeks ago when I had a mini meltdown about how my life was total consumed by this little human even my bedroom had been taken over and it used to be my sanctuary; where I would read, chat to Ross about everything and nothing and just chill. However for the last 6 months we've had Tallulah sleeping in our room which was intense. It meant we had to be super quiet and it wasn't working. Every movement was starting to make her stir and I must say I was getting little to no sleep! Sooooooo.....we turned our sewing/wardrobe/storage room into Tallulahs new room! HURRAH!

It is super. Not only was it really fun to decorate it, Tallulah, Ross and I are all loving it. She is not waking up as much and she loves exploring and playing on the colourful rug. I was a little paranoid the first couple of nights that I wouldn't hear her but you can definitely hear her squawk but for peace of mind I went out and bought a Tomy baby monitor which is ace. It even plays lullabies and is a night light.

So, the fun part was decorating her room. I know most mums probably get to do this when they are pregnant but for obvious reasons I missed out! Decorating is actually one of my favourite things. I didn't go too mad but when on a little excursion to Ikea and bought some cute things. I purchased this colourful rug, this comfy pillow and these cute storage containers for my change table. I found this adorable dog laundry basket from Kmart and purchased the forrest critters decal from ebay for $6 and Mum gave me this old Ikea rocker she wasn't using and hey presto for about $120 in total we got ourselves a super fun, colourful room! OMG this change has been for the best!

P.S I have been a little behind with my many things to share so keep posted!


fifi said...

oh renee - i've missed your posts - i was starting to get worried! so glad you have made the change. we did it at 5 and a half months and never looked back. I had one horrendous nightmare about not hearing lottie but we live in such a small place i hear EVERYTHING. this will be so good for you and your fam. its so nice when you recognise a change you want to make and one that you feel confident about making. and hey - you also made up a little lost ground what with being able to set up her nursery etc ;) mind you, we never did that either cause we had her in our room! looking forward to more catch up posts!

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic, hopefully you'll all thrive with the extra space.

Anonymous said...

Nursery looks great, didn't expect anything less than that from you though ;-)

Renee said...

thanks ladies! someone told me it looked like a rainbow threw up! haha hilarious!

Anonymous said...

That's what someone said about my nursery too! I think some ppl are afraid to use colour. I equally love minimal rooms but babies enjoy stimulating colours.

Anonymous said...

Love what you have done with the nursery!! I agree that nothing is more cheerful than bright rainbow colours. The wall decal was worth the effort, that rug in fabulous.. and I love that long cushion on the rocker!!

We didn't set up Bays nursery until after she was born and it is just a mismatch of bright fun stuff, without any set theme.

Glad the new sleeping arrangement is working out well.. nothing wrong with waiting until you were all ready.
Tallulah is just gorgeous, she looks so pleased with her new digs!!