Sunday, July 17, 2011

chomp chomp

We've have been asked since Tallulah was about 3 months "Oh is she teething?" I think this was because she has always liked to gnaw on her fingers and put everything in her mouth. We haven't had one tooth which secretly pleased me as I am terrified of her biting my boob! But then on Monday she decided to chew my finger and I felt something sharp- Tallulah officially has a tooth! So cute! I think that is what had been obviously troubling her the last couple of weeks. She has been grumbly and restless even to the point of having to leave brunch earlier as she was being really whingy! But this week I have my little happy camper back! Teething sucks!


Anonymous said...

Teething is so cruel! If she bites when you feed i found that detaching immediately with a firm NO was fairly effective in stopping that. I also learnt the face that my son would pull just before he went to bite so i was able to stop him before he did most times. Hopefully it never occurs to Tallulah to bite you.

Anonymous said...

I love in fear of the teeth too.
Great advice Lila.
Hope Tallulah keeps her chompers to herself!

fifi said...

yay tallulah! lottie pearl got her first at 3 mths and gave me a few bities. but now she's got 8 teef and doesn't bite but you can 'feel' them if you don't keep your boob close enough to her face if you get my drift. just don't scream or yelp in pain cause i've heard of babies then being frightened so much by the yelp that they feel very insecure when they go to have their next feed and can get into some breast refusal. and at least now you'll recognise when she's teething! gosh she's a bloody cutie!!!!