Tuesday, July 5, 2011

good face

my daily beauty fix; batiste dry shampoo, mineral foundation,clinique moisteriser, rimmel concealer, lancome lipstick, mac mascara, nars lip gloss, nars blush

things that make me still feel like Renee; vintage scarves, 2x large rings which I feel naked without, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, bee necklace, vintage earrings

hello, sally hansen nail strips- best invention ever!

We all know that having a tiny human in the house means less sleep, less 'me' time and generally less time for doing things of any sorts. Before Tallulah I would spend about 30-45 minutes getting ready in the mornings (which I still think is pretty good for a girly-girl!) I would carefully plan outfits, do my make-up and hair. Now I am lucky to get 10 minutes to myself to do all of this. I think my style hasn't changed all that much however comfort, easy access and quick results are what I'm now after.

I have found I don't really plan my outfits all that much it usually depends on what is clean however you'll never see this mama in a tracksuit! I used to own a vintage shop which means my wardrobe is stocked with pretty vintage dresses which I like to couple with tights/leggings and cardigans! However as many of these frocks are high necked a lot of them have been pushed to the back of the cupboard as I'm still breastfeeding and need easy access (though a few are still in high rotation!). Breastfeeding has changed what I wear in a major way. This winter I do confess I have embraced jeans and have found a bunch of super cute tops from Asos (how good is Asos!?) which now make up my daily uniform. I have always loved accessories and now love them a little more because seriously a scarf, a great ring and a cute necklace can make a simple outfit a little more special and deviate the eye from that dried up babyfood/drool!

My beauty routine has probably changed the most. I used to carefully do my make-up each morning and do the whole she-bang; eye liner, lipstick, eyeshadow, full foundation etc (note; I always tried to do that whole 'I'm wearing makeup but you can't tell' natural look which is always hard to achieve, right?!) but now I my routine is pretty simple. Mineral powder foundation (if anyone can recommend me a good brand please do I have tried a several and still searching for the perfect one!), mascara, blush (this makes me feel instantly better!), concealer (to hide those dark circles) and lip gloss! If I am going somewhere nice I might wear some lipstick which instantly makes me feel fancy! As for my hair? I blow-dry my sweep fringe and then let it dry naturally. Easy-peasy! Oh, and dry shampoo is my best friend. If you haven't got any, get some. NOW!

One thing I have embraced is doing my own nails. I'm kind of addicted to doing my own manicure every Sunday night when Tallulah goes to sleep. Its nice when I'm really tired and feel a little blah to look at my hands and see pretty nails haha whats with that?! I gave up wearing perfume when Tallulah was born which was big for me as I'm kind of obsessed but recently I have started wearing it again and my love affair continues. I'm more drawn to the subtle scents now though!

One of things I promised to myself when I found out I was a mama was that I would limit my pyjama days to a minimum. I'm proud to say I haven't had one yet! I do admit there has been a few days where I didn't get Tallulah and myself sorted until maybe 2pm! But for me there is something satisfying about getting ready for the day. It makes me feel good on the inside to look somewhat put together on the outside. Do you feel this way?


fifi said...

oh i know that whole trying to 'preserve a little bit of me" thang. your getting ready ritual sounds incredible. my most ever m/up mascara and a bit of cheek rouge! as for clothes? i guess my style hasn't changed that much - i love wearing big kinda sacks with skinny jeans, socks and clogs. and handmade beanies and scarves. good boob access and nice and warm for melbs. actually, you've inspired me to make a similar post over on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Totally!! I was basically just nodding to everything you wrote in your post.
Hehe yes I also wear whatever is clean! I ALWAYS make sure Bay and I are dressed for the day, no exceptions! Even if we haven't got any plans, it marks the start a fresh day- so is important mentally.
You do well with your makeup routine! I currently use ID Bare Minerals (but I am going to try Eles brand once my current foundation runs out- tho would love to hear some reviews on brands you've already tried) and I usually just wear that, some mascara and some MAC cremeblush. I always think I won't bother with makeup (living in country town its easy to get away without it) but when I see my tired reflection I change my mind.
My hair is a mess. I haven't had it cut or coloured since the baby. Must rectify that!
I have been using Bumble&Bumble dry shampoo but might try the Batiste one next as have only heard good things.
I do like to wear different earrings every day- I guess that is one thing which makes me feel like me.
Great post, you got me thinking!

spark said...

Yup, totally hear you sista! Even though I didn't think I was that way inclined (I spent a large portion of my twenties schlepping around - blame it on the excess clubbing) getting myself and bub ready each day has been important. I think it helps having an easy going baby who doesn't freak out when I left the room. I always shower each morning and do my hair and makeup. If she does have a clingy morning, I push the bassinet into the bathroom so she can see me. Make up wise I often the full war paint most days. I'm pale and people always ask me if I am feeling ok when I don't:) I do mineral powder, blush, mascara and coloured lip balm. My favourite product at the moment is Innoxa Pure Silk Primer...oh my goodness it is like spac filler. Love it and the right price for me - $16 . I also use jane iredale mineral powder as it seems to be the only one that doesn't make my skin itch. Great post - gotta to love a personal recommendation from a stylish mama!