Friday, July 22, 2011


You would have to be living under a rock to not know about all the crazy toy sales that are going on at the moment. Insane! Ross & I are not the biggest fan of all those plastic-y, gaudy coloured, light-flashing toys but you know what? kids love them. I still would prefer to buy Tallulah quality wooden toys or buy handmade but I also think its nice to have a variety of toys so she can enjoy them all!

Some of the ladies in my mother's group were pretty much frothing at the mouth and bought trolley-fulls of toys- but I didn't really fall in love with much...but I decided to buy a few things for Christmas/Birthdays!

So I bought a Fisher-Price telephone for $9 as I'm pretty sure I had one when I was little. I like the vintage looking face and she enjoys playing with the dial. I bought a Fisher-Price singing teapot set for $19 (half price!) which is actually adorable and Tallulah's face was all types of excitement when I showed it to her in the shop. So I think I will give this to her for her Birthday. I bought this blow up pool with 50 coloured balls for $12 which I think is pretty fun and will great for summer so this is a Christmas present. Thats it! I think I did alright!

My Mum bought Tallulah the trike above for her first birthday- she is one lucky lady! This trike is going to be SO much fun for us too- lots of walks around Hyde Park! I like that it converts to being a independent trike later when she is older enough! I think the rest of my present-buying will be done at my favourite gift stores (thats you Store, Ware, Pigeonhole & Zero to Ten) and online at Etsy! I have spied this doll by Goodbye Blue Monday which I'm pretty sure I am going to get Lula for her birthday...its simply perfect! Weeeeee I get excited just thinking about birthdays/parties/Christmas!


Anonymous said...

you have done well!
We are heading down to Perth next week and Im hoping to pick up a couple of things in the sales- I totally know what you are saying the kids toys don't really go with my preferred asthetic but they just love them.

Love that teaset!

Anonymous said...

Love the chatter phone, I'm sure I had one and my older kids had one when they were little.
I prefer the wooden and handmade toys but I'm sure the plastic will creep in.

Anonymous said...

I was sure I left a comment on this post! Oh well! I like those gift stores too but you are right with kids like all that loud plastic stuff. Hopefully Lily will get plenty of toys like at creche, playgroup and childcare!

I love the blow up pool with the balls and the fact you can use in summer as well. Where did you get that from?