Friday, July 15, 2011

all full up

What a difference a week makes!  Far from my grumblings of being cooped up in the house we have been spreading the Renee and Tallulah love around. We caught up with two of my oldest and dearest girlfriends for morning tea last Friday. We've been friends since we were 6! Isn't that crazy! One of the ladies was due to have her baby during the next week so it was the last time we'd see her before she became a mama. Tallulah also taught herself to climb stairs whilst we were gossiping...though she is not so good on climbing down haha.

Then it was off to afternoon tea with one of my bestest friends who was in town from Melbourne for work and we managed to get in a sneaky cake date at Sherbet. If you live in Perth and love cake go here. Just do it!

Saturday night Tallulah was babysat by my Mum so Ross and I could celebrate one of my girlfriends wedding, which actually took place in New York (she was proposed to then they got married the next day, oh-so romantic!) They threw a party in the CBD for all their friends and family! Tallulah knew something was up and took ages to get to sleep but finally she went down around 8:30pm so we didn't miss out on that many cocktails!

On Sunday we went for brunch with my babygroup at Jodie & Steve's house. It was ace! I hadn't seen the ladies (and man!) for 2 weeks as people had been away and the weather was grim. It was so nice to catch up with them aswell as their husbands/partners! We ate delicious brekky tarts with my homemade relish, banana bread and fruit. It was also pretty cool to see that two of Tallulah's little baby friends were also crawling! Hurrah some buddies to explore with. They had a ball.

Ross had the Monday off and the weather was wet and super chilly so we decided to warm up with a breakfast date at Cantina then in the afternoon we did a little shopping and stopped by Five Bar and had a sneaky hot chocolate with a dash of spiced rum! Meanwhile Tallulah was none the wiser and slept in her pram. We capped the night off with homemade rhubarb and apple crumble.

Tuesday, Tallulah and I met the ladies with babies at a local Yum Cha restaurant and dined on many a dumpling then a couple of us wander onto The Cultural Centre for a coffee at Polly and to sit in the sunshine and chat! Nice day. Then I strolled back home and caught the train to Fremantle to have dinner with Ross' family. Tallulah fell asleep in her baby carrier on the train, too cute!

On Wednesday I had organised to meet up with Ross' mum, his sister and her two kiddos and my mum for lunch at Stickybeaks in Kings Park. It was kids paradise. Chloe our 3-year old niece was in heaven! It was a great day of playing with the kiddos and hanging with the family. Later that afternoon I found out my girlfriend had a little girl named Indiana excited for Tallulah to get to know her! Indi is so beautiful and I'm pretty sure our girls will be best friends for ever haha!

Yesterday I had Tallulah's 8-month check up in the morning (I'll do a post on that another day!) then I met my new friend Dee and her little boy Milo at Lincoln's for a coffee then we took a stroll around Hyde Park to soak up some more rays and gossip!

Phew! What a week! Such a great week filled with friends and fun times! I hope you have had a great week and have a super weekend!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely full on week. I reallyneed to make an effort to meet people and get out more.

spark said...

Oh my goodness, we must have seen each other. I was at Stickybeaks the same morning!! Sounds like a lovely week. Sherbert sounds heavenly. Going to make mr k take me there this weekend.xx

fifi said...

wow! i'm tired just reading that post! sounds like you've had an awes week hence no time to post! oh and i was proposed to in nyc :) brings back sweet memories!

Anonymous said...

what a great week.. I always enjoy the weeks where I get out and about a lot. Nothing better than hanging with friends and babes..
Yum! Hot choc with rum sounds like the ticket!!