Friday, December 17, 2010

Turning Japanese-y

Today was simply delightful in Tokyo! We walked through Yoyogi Park visited the Meiji Temple which was beautiful! Inside the temple they had this cool tree thing where you can write wishes and thoughts so we wrote one thanking Tokyo for giving us a super cute daughter which was nice. We also did a spot of shopping (well I did haha) I've always had pretty kitsch taste but I think the 'kawaii' Japanese style is rubbing off! Today I purchased these hilariously awesome bags in Harajuku. I think the black kitty one will become my 'nappy bag'! I can imagine it on my 3-wheeler pram-actually lets not talk about prams I think I am obsessed...kinda weird! Ross loves the super soft lamb (I think its a lamb?) so I bought that too!

Everyone here is fully into hats and capes- seriously everywhere! I have also become a little obsessed with hats so after a delicious lunch at Himalayan Curry we set off to Shimokita where I purchased not one but two hats! I bought this super cheesy black bear hat which you wear reversible if you don't want the ears! I also bought a more sensible knitted grey one which will be perfect for Perth's winter. We are off to Yamanouchi on Monday to see the snow monkeys, play in the snow and bathe in the hot springs and I plan on wearing my new hat the whole time- hoorah!


PMK said...

Ha I found your blog it's fabulous. You guys never do things by halves do you!! Enjoy the rest of your time in Japan see you soon
Lots of luuuurv

PMK said...

Ps the lamb looks like an Alpaca to me

Renee said...

Haha yay! Can't wait Tallulah you meet you!! Yes an alpaca- genius!