Sunday, December 5, 2010

So we had a baby in Tokyo, no we're not joking!

We had been away for just over a week when this all happened and I don't think anyone was expecting our news! It took us a couple of days to organise a phone and looking back I think this was a good thing it gave us time to collect our thoughts! There really isn't really any subtle way of telling someone oh by the way our trip is going amazing and yeah we had a baby in Tokyo...haha!

I felt kind of nervous but excited about announcing our new addition to family & friends. I was also a little scared as I thought people might doubt our capabilities as we had no time to prepare and we were in a foreign country on the other hand I felt completely blessed that I was able to have a baby as one of the symptoms of PCOS is having trouble conceiving! Obviously our families were completely over the moon, my Mum is a grandma for the first time and Ross' sister only had her second baby 2 months before Tallulah was born so everyone was super excited! Mum and my brother have just visited and Ross' parents are due in a couple of days so that is also really exciting as I don't think either of them would have ever dreamt of visiting Tokyo!

Telling our friends was fun! So supportive and lovely we can't wait to get home to introduce her to them all! We told all our close friends and work colleagues first then announced it on Facebook (seriously what did we do before Facebook?) some of the comments were hilarious! Some people were like "did you adopt?" Um...if we were going to adopt a baby in Tokyo I'm pretty sure we would have adopted a Japanese baby....haha! Funny stuff :)

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