Saturday, December 4, 2010

The plan (well the initial plan haha)

Goodbye Dream House!

I work in the events industry and I think one of the most important skills needed to execute a super great event is be a 'planner' and be super organised. I love making lists, I love googling and I love colour coding stuff- this is something I have ALWAYS done (I make lists of movies I should watch, shops I should visit, names I get the idea!). Someone once told me that its a Capricorn thing though I'm not sure I believe in all that horoscope stuff haha! So when Ross and I decided to break our lease on our dream house, pack all our belongings into storage (read: my Mum's shed!) and set off on a 3 month adventure around the world needless to say I started making lists and itineraries of things we should see and places we should stay! I was in planning heaven as this was something we had been dreaming of doing and now we actually were doing it!

We both had done quite a bit of travelling before we met and as a couple we had travelled quite a bit to Asia- Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia etc. But this adventure was so different we both had 3 months leave from our jobs, we had saved some $$$ and we were older and wiser so the world was basically our oyster for the next 90 days! Our big adventure read like a dream: Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Paris, Belgium, Cologne, Istanbul, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Austin, San Antonio, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, LA, Melbourne then home to little old Perth!

So on November 4th we kissed our family goodbye and jumped on a jet plane and headed to our first destination Singapore!

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