Saturday, December 4, 2010

Meet our Kinder Surprise

So the gynaecologist came into the room and all I remember is that she giggled every time she said something to me which made me nervous. She told Ross he had to wait outside while she took a look at my lady bits. Everything was becoming a little too much for me and bursted into tears and then she dropped the you're having a baby and I can see the head and we have to take you to the delivery room now. All I remember is shouting at them to get Ross NOW! Awww poor hospital staff would have thought I was loco.

Everything is pretty much blurry from this point...a million things were going through my head such as; we are going to China tomorrow what are we going to do, OMG I ate all the wrong things and drank alcohol I wonder if my baby is going to be okay, um I'm about to become a parent I don't know anything about kids, what names do I like, OMG what am I going to tell my Mum....I told you LOCO!

Here are some things I do remember about the birth:
  1. Asking for drugs/epidural and being told Japanese women have natural births....OMG
  2. Shouting FUCK really loud when being told to push and hearing everyone giggle
  3. Hearing Ross who was holding my hand the whole time shout out Holy Shit (in a good way) when she was born
We were told "Its a girl" then she was whisked off for a check up. We were told she was small but looked healthy and normal but they needed to do some tests to see if she needed to go to the ICU. I was then prodded and poked some more (OMG I knew nothing about giving birth only what Ross' sister had told me but she had c-sections...different!) then we were left alone. The whole thing took less than an hour.

We looked at each other cried a little but it still didn't feel real. Um...what just happened? The doctors came back with our baby girl and told us she was super small but AOK- what a relief! She looked super perfect, tiny but perfect. She weighed in at 2490 grams.

You know how before I said I like making lists? I told Ross to grab my iphone as I had made lists of names I liked...why I had made a name list- no idea! Ross immediately was sold on Tallulah and I completely agreed it was a favourite of mine not to mention the name of one our favourite musicians Tallulah Rendall! So I'd like to introduce our tiny tot Tallulah Rose.

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