Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh, Baby!

Baby Tallulah is one month today- hooray we have survived the first 4 weeks! We are definitely getting into the swing of things and we must say we are having a whole bunch of fun! Some stuff I have observed along the way....

  1. Tallulah is REALLY loud when she is brewing a present in her pants and it makes Ross & I crack up every time. Its so immature of us but its hilarious and seriously how does such a small person make such loud sounds?
  2. Tallulah has the strongest finger grip it blows me away! I read somewhere its actually strong enough to hold their own weight but they obviously can't! Interesting!
  3. If you stroke Tallulah's cheek she will turn in that direction and try and find her food (read: milk jugs!) 
Its so cute and clever that babies are pre-wired with all these skills to help their super green parents figure out all the signs! 

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Dropstitch said...

Oh Haha and ChiChi, Tallulah must think you're both hilarious.