Sunday, December 19, 2010

Same Same but Different

Selection of baby wipes

Lotions and potions



Very confusing directions.....

I usually love shopping at the chemist it's a bit like Office Works or Ikea you never come home empty handed! But when you actually need something and it's not in your language it's mind boggling....

When Tallulah was first born the nurses told Ross he had to buy nappies- this was almost a mission impossible! He had visit 3 drug stores before he found the right size! It's always a bit of a lucky dip like "I wonder if these baby wipes are unscented, guess we'll figure that out when we open them...."

Mostly its fun because it doesn't really matter if we buy scented baby wipes as it won't harm her however when it came to formula its a different story...

We bought the formula as we hadn't decided if we were doing bottle or breastfeeding. After one horrible night of breast feeding I decided to try a bottle but then I took one look at the instructions and laughed! Nope no comprendo!

At our checkup at the hospital I got the pediatrician to decipher it for me-hooray! However I've kinda got use to the whole breastfeeding thing but it's a great option just to have incase!

It's really funny looking at our stash of baby products because they all look pretty normal then on closer inspection you see it's all in Japanese it's actually super cool unless you want to know the exact ingredients or something haha!

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