Thursday, December 16, 2010


This week has been a week of progression! We found out on Tuesday we had got Australian citizenship for Tallulah which is super as it only took 2 weeks instead of 4-hooray! This meant we could get cracking on the next step which is applying for a passport! We set off on another journey to the Embassy and were served by a delightful lady at the passport counter who we suspect may have been expecting us! She confirmed we will get Baby T's passport next week! So this meant we could book our flights home to Perth- hoorah! We are booked to get on the jet plane on the 3rd of January and we are super super super excited...!

We also had our one month check up at the hospital today. The hospital is just SO confusing and different to Australia. Everyone is issued with this ID card and instead of going to reception you insert card into a machine which then checks you in and gives you your appointment slip and tells you what counter to wait at. Oh, and this is all in Japanese- haha! We finally managed to work out where to go with some help from the kind staff! Tallulah got measured and weighed and all that and she is doing superb! She has hit 3 kilos which is ace! I caught up with all the lovely staff who helped me out when I was in hospital including my favourite Nurse Gaga! As much as I have grown fond of these people I am glad we don't have to go back...!

So we have 2 1/2 weeks left in our little apartment and hanging out in Tokyo! We have a small list of things we want to do and see before we go home including shopping for super kitsch hats and gloves in our favourite district Shimokita, eat curry at Himalayan Curry and visiting the Ghibli Museum and few other things like seeing snow!

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