Monday, December 27, 2010

One week to go!

Delicious Taco Rice

Ross & Tallulah relaxing

Tea & cake at Cafe Wendy

Woweeee we only have 7 days left in Tokyo! It's gone fast yet slow at the same time; I feel like we've been away from home for ages yet it's been a blur and Baby Tallulah is growing up! My cousin emailed me some pics of Tallulah from when he first met her at 4 days old, boy she looks so different! I guess we don't see it as we hang out with her everyday!

This week we are taking it easy as we have pretty much done everything we really wanted to see or do! We might go to an art gallery or go to another super cute cafe but we have no concrete plans which is nice!

Today we went went to Koenji and had a look around and had a bite to eat at a lovely cafe where I ate delicious avocado taco rice- yum! Then came back to our neighborhood and had tea and cake- an amazing chocolate fondant!

Now we are about to have a catnap...ahhh I love holidays!

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