Friday, December 24, 2010


Tallulah LOVING the bullet train!

Ross also LOVING the bullet train!

Our futons in our tradition Ryokan- sooo comfy!

About to start our walk to see the snow monkeys!

Cheeky monkeys!

Earlier this week we decided to chase the snow and head out to the mountains to Yamanouchi. When Ross' folks came to visit us they went to Hakone and saw snow- we were super jealous as one of reasons we were going to Europe & the US was for me to see falling snow! This was going to be Tallulahs first over night stay at a hotel (well, we decided to stay in a traditional Ryokan). I was a little nervous as it was about a 3 hour trip but she was perfect and loved every moment, she seems to love the motion of the trains!

Yamanouchi is a strange little town it almost felt like a ghost town. When we arrived all the restaurants and shops were closed- perhaps they were all having their siesta? However, our hotel was great it also had a traditional onsen which is a hot spring bath....heaven! Our room was really cute ad had a delightful sun room where we sat and drank green tea.

We decided to eat at one of the nearby restaurants for dinner and it was  hilarious! We just gambled and ordered a bunch of things by pointing whilst Tallulah rocked out to bad 80's ballads. Hmmm I will be bummed if this ends up being her choice of music haha!

After a pretty good nights sleep with a special shout out to baby who was a dream except for the power scream at 11pm which I'm sure woke up the whole neighbourhood we set off to see the Snow Monkeys! Our hilarious hotel owner drove us to the mountain and insisted on taking a photo of us then all these random tourists decided they also wanted pictures of strange to think we will be featuring in their holiday albums haha!

So unfortunately there was no snow but only clumps of white ice which looked like a washing machine had overflowed...awwww :( however the walk through pine forrest was great and seeing the monkeys was so cute! They were super funny jumping on each other and what not!

So I am pleased to say our first little family getaway was a super success! Bring on more!

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